October 13th is celebrated as “Train Your Brain Day” all across the world. This is the perfect opportunity to take a break, sit back, and focus on improving your thinking power as a combat sports athlete.

Human brain is a fascinating organ, but tedious routines can dull down your thinking and analyzing abilities. This in turn can hinder your natural reflexes which may prove to be a costly mistake for a combat sportsperson.

Let’s explore some of the benefits of achieving mental agility and endurance on Train Your Brain Day.

Mental Fortitude Is the Crux of All Combat Sports:

Irrefutably, mental strength has enormous significance in combat sports. In order to survive – if not surpass competition in any sports arena, an athlete needs to possess nerves of steel, mental sharpness and mindfulness

There’s a famous saying in combat sports that further amplifies this idea:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right.”

Physical strength coupled with mental prowess, is what makes a fighter invincible for his competitors. Legendary champions from Martial Arts and Jiu-Jitsu demonstrate the kind of mental superiority needed for life-altering outcome of any match. These are fighters who have diligently trained both mind and body to overcome physical or mental ordeal. Combat sports like MMA, boxing, kick boxing and BJJ have more to do with the strong nerves and presence of mind than physical strength.

 There is a great need to consider all of the psychological factors involved in combat sports because it correlates with human psychology and anatomy as well.

Why Train Your Brain Day Is All The More Relevant To Combat Sports?

As a combat sports enthusiast, you need to make sure that your cognitive skills are as spunky as your punching skills. A boxer has to face many challenges, from working on footwork and developing a stance to conquering his “fight or flight” impulses and staying focused on the battle ahead.

Combat sports and MMA in particular, requires athletes to visualize their moves to improve their performance. Train Your Brain Day is the ideal opportunity for fighters to practice mental imagery that is bound to help a fighter develop confidence in their ferocious skillset.

Research indicates that visualization stimulates motor pathways in our body to help improve our physical skills that are important to deliver deadly blows.

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Don’t Hold Back and Work On Your Mental Fortitude

Take a break from your hectic drilling routines and celebrate Train Your Brain Day on this 13th of October. Work on your mind and spirit through the art of Jiu-jitsu. Invest in essential protective wear that can help you win your most important battles.


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