TRX Workout uses your own body’s weight for enhanced balance, strength and acuteness, improving your muscles and mood.

With the wide array of workouts that you can choose from, it becomes quite a challenge to find a training regime that suits your needs. If you are looking to gain balance, strength and joint agility, then TRX workout is what you should consider doing.

Understanding TRX Workout

TRX is an acronym for Total Body Resistance Exercise. In this type of training the body is suspended using some bands, where the weight of body acts as resistance, developing body muscles and enhancing overall strength and stability. The equipment used to perform these suspension moves was developed by former U.S. Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick. He used two straps and hung them from the ceiling so that his troops could slip their hands or feet into the handles. This way he could train his men, regardless of where they were stationed.

Incorporating TRX Workout Into Your Daily Routine

Though the term TRX may seem a bit intimidating, performing the workout is in fact a lot of fun and doesn’t involve many complications. There are many gyms that are now offering suspension training but many fitness enthusiasts aren’t comfortable with the idea of getting in shape by letting their body float in midair. Most of the gym goers fear experiencing fatigue, pain or cramped muscles after performing feats in air.

But the reality is far away from it. If you are looking for a slender, muscular body, then TRX workout is just meant for you.

Following are three different TRX workouts that you can perform daily.  


Image Source: Men’sHealth 

Lay straight under TRX straps. Slowly lift your body up by holding the straps with your hands. Keeping on pulling until your elbows are close to your abdomen and your shoulders fully drawn in. Excellent move for the lats, this would definitely shape out the “V” that you have been obsessing over.

Press-up TRX  

Image Source: Men’sHealth 

Looking to add fire to your chest workout? Here’s how you can get most from your workout without having to add in some troubling weights. Celebrate chest day by placing both feet in the straps of TRX. With a press-up position intact, your hands should firmly be placed on the floor shoulder width apart and elbows tucked in. Slowly bring your body near to the floor and then go back to the starting position. You’ll just see your pecs developing within days.

Jump Squat TRX

Image Source: CoachMag

Keeping your arms straight, hold the handles of TRX. Move your upper body backwards so that your whole body is slanted. Now keeping the resistance intact, bring your body into a squat position. Once you feel the burn, jump back to the starting position. This exercise is very good for your lower body.


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