Add The Right Punch Bag Workout To Your Fitness Routine

All athletes strive for the three fundamentals: Power, stamina, and strength. Punching bags are essential when it comes to boosting your punching speed, enhancing endurance, and increasing the strength of your core muscles. These punch bags can additionally help in high-intensity workouts. There are a number of punch bag workout you can start with. If you’re a beginner and wish to learn how punching bags can help you gain power, build up stamina and gain overall body strength. Follow our guide to learn a few tips and tricks.

To get started, it is important to first know about the different types of punching bags available and what specific features they offer. 

Since these come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can add different punching bags to your workout routine to amplify your fitness. RDXSports has a wide range of bags that will enable you to master your kicks, throw power punches and build up your reflexes. Let’s discuss a few workouts to get you started!

Cobra Bag Workout

For a cobra workout, you need to start with a cobra bag. Training with a cobra bag is a great way to get a full-body workout while practicing defensive skills and sharpening your reflexes all at the same time.

The drill: start by setting the right cobra bag height. Now start by throwing jabs at the bag, let the bag rebound, and start punching it again. Switch sides so that you can practice jabbing with your right as well as your left hand. Once you sustain jabbing, begin moving around the bag as you punch. This will make it more challenging to maintain the regular rhythm of the bag. Try establishing a regular rhythm while maintaining good form with your jab. Once a regular rhythm is achieved, try different combinations, and do a double jab every 2nd or 3rd.  

For maximum effect and overall improvement, split your cobra bag workout session into regular timed rounds. Start with 3 or 4 rounds, 1 minute each, and 20-second breaks in between. If you are at a good fitness level, go for 5 rounds at 2 minutes each and 30-second breaks.

Samuel Ericsson kicking the RDX F6 Kara Red & Black Freestanding punch bag

The 20-Minute Punch Bag Workout

In a 20-minute workout, you rest for 20 seconds between the intervals. Depending upon your own level of fitness, you can determine the number of rounds you want. But try to perform these basic steps.

The drill: Start with the warm-up round. Either swing the bag or start with throwing straight jabs at the bag. Then shift your feet around, and focus on footwork while working on your jabs. Proceed with throwing a jab and hook combinations. Try 2 to 3 different combinations and focus on the speed and agility of your punches. Go freestyle and then start with a new punch combination. Repeat the process as long as you can. 

There are a number of punch bags that can be used for the 20-minute workout. You can either use the hanging punch bag or the free-standing bag. The wall-hanging punch bags are also good for this workout but make sure that there is enough space around the bag for sufficient footwork.

Ground And Pound Workout

Ground and pound workout is a simple workout in which you place the bag on the ground, and while sitting on it, you shoot heavy punches. This workout is a ground-based workout that gives you the strength and power able to pin someone down.    

The drill: Start by choosing a certain position. In case of mounting on the bag, start with straight punches. Proceed with a combination of hooks and round punches.  

Pro tip: For ground and pound workouts, always use the bottom side of the punch bag as the goal for punching. Avoid the upper part which contains chains and hooks. This will prevent your hands from any potential injury

Tony Ferguson performing Ground and Pound Workout using RDX X1

Speed Workout 

A speed workout can help you increase the speed of your punches. This workout helps you deliver punches with precision and accuracy. The punch lands right on target. 

Pro tip: Use a double-end speed bag for speed workouts. This is because free-flowing bags offer greater simulation for athletes. It is versatile in a way that it swings back and forth at different angles, unlike other regular bags helping you work on your defense while practicing your counter punches. 

The drill: start landing a few punches on the bag, this will make the bag swing freely. The free movement of the bag will force you to aim your punches in different directions with speed. Since the bag does not come back in the same spot every time. This will help you build speed, reflexes, and accuracy of your punches. When you promptly respond with another punch, your reflexes get better and your punching power enhances leading to an increase in your endurance, speed, and overall power.  

Tony Ferguson using RDX B2 Floor to ceiling training double-end ball

High Interval Intensity Training (HIIT) Workout

HIIT workout is best for enhancing your endurance. It helps build up stamina, increases your punching power, and boosts your energy. 

The drill: start with high-intensity punches. Land high-intensity punches eight times in sets of 30 seconds each. After that, rest for 10 seconds and start with aggressive punches in 20-second sets. Again rest for 10 seconds while moving your feet in motion. Take a 3-minute break and start with another round of sets. 

For a HIIT workout, use a hanging punch bag for better results.

Zach Parker working out using RDX’s Punchbag

Kids Workout

Punching bags also help kids and adolescents with therapy. A stress ball can help you relax your kid when they are frustrated, angry, or full of energy. Buy a kid’s punch bag and let your child work out beside you in the gym.

RDX’s kid’s boxing training equipment

So depending on your personal preference, it’s now time to choose a workout of your own choice. Make sure to wrap your hands with the hand wraps before wearing gloves and mitts, all for a better and safer experience. 



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