Fight night Paris was magnifique as they say. Every single fighter came out showcasing a huge spectacle of skills and willpower. From the preliminary rounds to the main event the crowd was up on their feet and cheering for the absolutely brilliant performances displayed by all the athletes.

Cyril Gane Vs Tai Tuivasa 

What a performance by “Bon Gamin” who truly outclassed “Bam Bam” Tuivasa despite an amazing challenge by the Aussie heavyweight. Both fighters started off with leg kicks and round 1 saw them gauge each other’s movements and reflexes. Both fighters tested each other’s range and movements. They threw fakes and combinations, though not many landed.

In Round 2 Tuivasa showed a lot of patience waiting for the right openings. Especially against a powerful sniper striker in Cyril Gane. He gets the upper hand multiple times over by carefully choosing his openings but Tai also strikes back with haymaker combinations. Mid round Cyril Gane gets dropped with “Bam Bam” looking like he might just have it. 

However he returns the pressure with a hard kick to the body that rocks Tuivasa and has him reeling to the ground. The final moments were an all out brawl with both fighters trying to win at the round end. Both fighters gave their all at the end of the round and the fight looks like it can go either way with all the heavyweight power and endurance.

Round 3 started with both fighters moving towards the brawl again. Tuivasa kept losing the engagements to more accurate strikes coming from Cyril Gane. In combination with many powerful teep kicks that kept breaking “Bam Bam” momentum. Tai still was throwing powerful shots but wasn’t able to land them. Missing consistently plus continuous counterattack is causing Tai to bleed from multiple cuts on his face. 

Cyril Gane changes gears. He slows down the pace to get a better shot at his opponent and finds a devastating opening. Gane throws multiple teep kicks and lands a dangerous right hook. Tai is rocked and falls backwards to the cage side. Gane goes in for the kill and like a controlled explosive carefully throws every punch in the combination to finish Tai Tuivasa in absolute certainty.  

The RDX Pick: Robert Whittaker Vs Marvin Vettori

“The Reaper” fights “The Italian Dream” for a top contenders match. Although this match was meant to start earlier in the year in June, it got postponed to Fight Night: Paris. Whittaker shows why he’s at the number 1 position in the weight class once again, with a display that may earn him his third title shot against the reigning champion Israel “The Last Stylebender” Adesanya

Round 1 starts with Whittaker putting his signature sniper jab on Vettori and circling him into awkward exchanges. Marvin responds to the pressure by shooting for a takedown. Whittaker defends it flawlessly, preventing the takedown and launching an attack in response. 

In Round 2 Whittaker uses his range and movement to slip and dodge Vettori’s punches. Robert wastes Marvin’s energy significantly. Whittaker lands an extremely clean straight right that looks like the best shot in the entire fight. Vettori has slowed down significantly from that and is much more reluctant to move back inside the pocket. Whittaker lands a mighty head kick and is greatly increasing his volume now that Marvin is on the backfoot.

Round 3 saw Whittaker take control of the momentum and utilize it to send Vettori into a false sense of security. Marvin responds with a lot more aggression than previous rounds. However he’s still having difficulty landing. The Reaper lands a head kick that wobbles Vettori but he shakes it off amazingly. However Robert goes further and lands a knee as well. Vettori has a deep cut on his cheek.

Whittaker’s pace now is so much faster than Marvin and he utilizes it getting multiple combinations on The Italian Dream. Vettori attempts a takedown to slow the pressure but does not manage to make anything of it. Whittaker puts it on Vettori all the way to the final bell. Extraordinaire performance from both fighters.

Ciryl Gane def. Tai Tuivasa at UFC Fight Night 209: Best photos

RDX Sports was immensely impressed by all the fighters on the night of UFC Fight Night: 209 Paris. The contenders displayed from the main card shows how truly competitive the top level of the UFC is. We congratulate all the amazing winners and commend everyone who fought their hearts out on the day.


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