Halloween is the best time of the year and it’s all about fun, costumes, treat and most important of all CANDY.

Even the health-conscious or a fitness freak among us can’t resist but get into the Halloween fun. But the day after Halloween we realize all the fun sometimes leads to eating up more sweets that can affect our overall fitness and may lead to gaining weight. If you are finding it hard to get back on track after overdoing it on Halloween, we at RDX Sports have come up with some great ideas:

Here are some ideas to detox when you’re ready to get back on track.


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Drink More Fluids

We all know water is the best detox that keeps us hydrated and also helps to lose weight. The common guideline is to have eight cups of water daily, but the Institute of Medicine suggests to drink nine cups for women and 13 for men each day. Once you are done with Halloween festivities, start drinking more water as it will get rid of all toxins, reduce bloating and will give more energy to stay active.  You can also try lemon or coconut water, beetroot juice or green tea to beat dehydration and fatigue.


After unhealthy eating, you need to get your metabolism going by hitting the gym. Make a workout plan for the day after Halloween. Pay for a class ahead of time, or make plans with a gym buddy for an intense workout. If you find it difficult to head to the gym after the holiday break then go for a brisk walk, or how about 15 minutes of skipping rope followed by a jog around your area. You can also join a yoga class or check out Halloween deals and clearance sales around your local malls.

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Another fabulous way of shedding extra weight is putting on a sauna suit while conducting simple exercises or chores around the house. Why? you ask- well here’s why, sauna suits are primarily designed to help people quickly drop weight. The suit works by trapping your body’s heat to elevate your overall temperature. The body reacts by releasing perspiration to cool down. The result of increased perspiration is the loss of water weight. Although this  isn’t a true, effective way to lose weight, but professional athletes involved in sports where their body weight determines the category they can compete in, do it regularly.  

Find the Alternative for Sugar Addiction

You have been eating lots of candies and now it is making you crave it more. High sugar content intends to make you more lazy and lethargic since your body gets used to it and it may become difficult to stop your sugar cravings. Celebrity trainer Jackie Warner suggests to take five days to wean yourself off sugar and refined carbs by eating lots of fresh fruits, veggies and nuts instead.

Eat Nutritious Foods 

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During Halloween we get to eat more processed foods and sweets like chocolate, cookies, and cake that is loaded with sugar and unhealthy fat. Start with a nutrient-packed apple or banana smoothie, go for a kale salad for lunch, and a steamed salmon or chicken for dinner. By eating protein and fiber-enriched meal will help your body crave the good instead of all the bad.

Clean House

After Halloween, your house is all messed up due to the party or having guests at home. Household chores can be a great way to get back into shape. Most household chores burn calories using some of the same physical movements that you do in the gym. See the following household activities that can help you burn calories.

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  • Vacuuming or Mopping entire house
  • Scrubbing Surfaces or Wiping kitchen Counters
  • Dusting Floorboards or Cleaning Low Spaces
  • Climbing Stairs (you can carry 1-15 pounds)
  • Making Beds

Once again doing these chores while wearing a sauna suit can make your weight shedding efforts even more effective.


Get More Sleep

If you hosted a Halloween party or spent an exhausting couple of hours corralling trick-or-treaters, the holiday can take away most of your sleep time. Studies suggest sleep and appetite are linked with hormones, so lack of sleep increases appetite and makes it harder to make healthy food choices. According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults should aim for seven to nine hours of sleep every day. Getting adequate sleep will repair your muscles, organs, and other cells so you can function properly and help you plan ahead to enjoy Halloween sales.

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Take it Easy

During Halloween, many people indulge in overeating that leads to putting on instant weight. The day after Halloween they double-up on workouts or look for instant weight loss diet plans that can be heavy on their pocket and may lead to other health issues. These plans are hard to follow and you may lose motivation in the mid away. So avoid setting unrealistic goals and set practical, realistic goals for eating and exercise over the next few days.

It is not advisable to try to burn off your candy calories with a single heavy workout or a diet plan in a single day. Just add a few minutes to each of your regularly scheduled workouts for a week or two and include more healthy foods in your meals to get back on track after Halloween. 

More of less everything you might need to lose the Halloween weight can easily be bought in stores or online. In fact since Halloween is the doorway festival of the Holiday season, all major sales begin ten days before Halloween. Get great discounts on combat sports & fitness equipment from RDX Sports ( a company known for premium class products at highly affordable rates).  So what are you waiting for?

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