The long-anticipated rematch between Juan Estrada and Roman Gonzalez held on Saturday, March 13th, 2012 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, was already the talk of the town. It took a controversial turn when boxing officials were compelled to take action against one of the three presiding judges ‘misguided’ scorecard for the fight.  

The bout gained spotlight after one of the judges, Carlos Sucre, gave the fight to Estrada 117-111. The two other judges Jesse Reyes and David Sutherland gave Gonzalez the victory by scoring the fight 115-113 in his favor. 


Sucre’s scorecard ruled that it was Estrada who won all of the final five rounds. Even though many spectators and the other two judges felt that in fact, it was Gonzalez who finished the fight with a stronger score.  


Shortly afterwards, the situation became a social media controversy and sparked a wave of backlash from fight fans, including boxers and athletes, who labelled the Sucre scorecard with words like ‘disgusting’ and ‘misguided’, eventually forcing the World Boxing Association to temporarily suspend Carlos Sucre. 



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