Weight loss tricks and shortcuts are a dime a dozen. Crazy things like tapeworms and vibrating belts have often been suggested for weight loss, but that doesn’t mean that you should give them a try. They may sound like good ideas when you hear them but take a closer look and you will see that they are nothing but potentially damaging practices.

Crazy Weight Loss Ideas to Stay Away from

The following crazy ideas don’t seem that crazy because they sound ‘scientific’. Read the information and see that they don’t make sense at all:

1.      Freeze the Fat Away

Yes you heard it right, some doctors believe that freezing the fat cells in your body can get rid of them.

The theory is that targeted cells die and they are removed from the area by your own body, there is no science to prove that it actually happens.

According to the doctor who came up with the idea, it can take about 3 months for the therapy to work. But the results are minor at best. Not really worth the risk of infection or frostbite.

2.      Gastric Balloon

You may have guessed what this treatment entails. A silicone balloon will be put inside your stomach, endoscopically.

The balloon is inflated once inside. You will feel fuller, just like you’ve just had a large meal.

You will feel nauseated and uncomfortable to say the least. Afterwards you have to avoid any activity that entails blows to the stomach, like boxing, football, etc.

We don’t have to spell out how dangerous it is to have a foreign object, let alone a balloon, inside your stomach. Better to stay away from this one.

3.      Vaping

Inhaling smoke to lose weight, how can this sound appealing to anyone?

The idea is to use e-cigarettes to smoke flavored Vapors and that will burn the excess fat in your body. This is popular among people who fear weight gain after they have given up smoking.

Suffice it to say, that there is no research to prove that Vaping helps with any kind of weight loss.

4.      Stomach Draining

Hold on to your stomach for this one.

A surgically placed tube inside your stomach with a valve on the outside is needed for this one to work. After you have eaten your meal, you can operate the valve to drain the some of the meal out.

Why? No other words necessary.

5.      Body Wrap

Imagine this, you are lying on a spa table while you are wrapped in heated pads that make you sweat like crazy.

This treatment is called body wrapping and it is supposedly used to make you sweat out the calories.

It may get the water weight out of your body but there is not long term weight loss benefit of it. All it does is create your own personal sauna room.

You should stay as far away from these methods as possible. They may end up causing more damage than you can possibly imagine. To learn about healthier ways to manage your weight, you can click here.


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