The Difference And Usage Of These Three Gym Essentials

If you’re a beginner at the gym, and wish to pull heavy weights for muscle gain, core strength or athletic performance. Weightlifting is key and it will help you through the process. While lifting weights, it is important to make use of essential accessories. These will help prevent potential injuries during high intensity workouts. Some accessories aid in gripping weights with more strength, accuracy and stability. These include wWrist Wraps, Hooks and Straps,

RDX W1 Sweat-Wicking gym straps for weightlifting workouts

Why Use Wrist Wraps, Hooks And Straps?

The fundamental functions of these straps are similar. Since they are specifically used for pull exercises like shrugs, rack pulls, barbell rows, cable rows, dumbbell rows and lateral pulldowns. These wraps aid in strengthening the wrist of the hand while providing greater palm grip. 

lateral pulldowns with RDX W5 wrist hook

This article takes you through the difference between the three and their usage. All by outlining various scenarios in the gym so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

Wrist Hooks 

Hooks are often used by beginners at the gym for lifting weights. these aid by enhancing one’s grip. It does so by providing strength and alleviating strain or pressure off the wrist.  A hook is attached to the strap that sits gently on the user’s palm. Hooks also help in lifting body weight. Exercises like deadlifts, barbell rows, cable rows and shrugs can be done using hooks.

RDX W5 Weight lifting hook strap in shade black

Hooks are placed on the palm to carry the bar while the additional strap holds the wrist tight. In this way, both the wrist and the palm of your hand are protected. Not to forget that hooks do not entirely eliminate the need for developing grip strength. It’s just like an additional protective tool. 

RDX W5 wrist hooks

Though the hook helps new learners at the gym through the transition period which entails learning the right form and function of exercises. It roughly takes at least three months to develop adequate grip strength. And once achieved, it enables you to upgrade to wrist wraps for a different experience. 

Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps are used during heavy pressing exercises. These require a strengthened hand grip due to increased weights. Exercises like overhead press, bench press, shoulder press, clean and jerk, and other push movements put your wrist under pressure. This results in your wrist being extremely vulnerable. To protect it from the risk of possible injury, wrist wraps are essentially used to support the joint during such exercises. The wrist loop is attached with the wrap to provide grip to the thumb. 

RDX W3 Powerlifting wrist support wraps with thumb loops

Similar to hooks, wraps also aid in pull exercises. Professionals or those who have developed good grip strength after some time are the ones who use wraps more often. 

Wrist Straps

 Professionals and those who have been training in the gym for quite some time, are the ones who utilize Wrist straps . These also help in pull exercises and push you to a point where you start lifting more repetitions than normal.

Lex Griffin pulling weights wearing RDX W1 wrist strap

After looping it around your wrist, place the heel of your palm against the bar. Then wrap the strap along the bar of your weights with one loop towards your hand. This prevents the bar from rolling. 

RDX S4 silicone gel coated weightlifting straps

Without the use of wrist straps, hooks and wraps, chances of wrist injuries potentially increase. Moreover, not being able to grip weights can result in even more severe injuries.  Shoulders, knees, lower back injuries etc. Since the body works in complete harmony, any damage, strain or injury affects the whole.

RDX Sports has a wide variety of hand wraps, hooks and straps. All available for your weightlifting, exercise and fitness needs. Whether it be the pressure of an extreme deadlift to break your personal record or the first experience of entering a gym. RDX Sports has the perfect equipment for you. We encourage you to visit the website and discover the wide array we have for your dream physique.  


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