Behind the Scenes with Amir Khan

On Wednesday, we at RDX had the honour of welcoming our new Boxing ambassador, Amir Khan, to shoot with us on location in Manchester City Centre at the Victoria Baths. This was for both promotional and press shots, and also for specific product photos to be used throughout our website and branding.

The day started out with preparation and the RDX team arrived at around 8 to begin the set up for the day. We had decided to have a boxing ring constructed within the main bath, which is no easy task, so this was one of the first items to get checked off the list. The construction company arrived and assembled the ring where we wanted it, directed throughout by the RDX team.

Our photographer arrived whilst the ring was being constructed and scoped out the area as well as setting up lighting and backdrops. We had already carried out test shots on location at the Baths during the week prior to the shoot and decided what shots we wanted. We also decided to keep the backdrops to a minimum and make the most of the natural beauty of the Victorian surroundings at the Baths, so they were only being used for the product shots.

A little later in the morning, Amir arrived and headed into the dressing room to get suited and booted for the first promotional shots to be taken. He was lead up to the designated area by the photographer and the RDX team. All was going well until an impromptu challenge interrupted the shoot, with Khan being challenged to extinguish candles with one of his signature punches. To the amazement of the crew, he managed this superhuman feat with ease – we were all astounded!

After a brief pause for the crew to marvel at how he had managed to do it (and a few misbegotten attempts to recreate it!) we moved on to the remainder of the planned shots. The product ones came next, with Amir pulling some of his best poses decked out in his own fight shorts and some RDX gear:

Following a short break for lunch, we progressed onto the ringside shots in the bath area itself. By this time, the ring had been fully constructed and the extras had arrived, including Amir’s own sparring partner who jumped into the ring alongside him for some dynamic fight shots. This was perhaps the best part of the day as the whole crew got a glimpse into what it would be like to attend a training session.

As the day drew to a close, Amir was kind enough to sign some RDX gloves for our online competition that followed alongside our announcement of him being our new Boxing ambassador.