Happy Holiday! During the holiday season, we tend to eat more and do less, which is why most of us end up gaining weight during the holiday season. To be in shape during the holiday season you should be working out for small intervals or follow some routine that helps you maintain the weight and not gain it instead. We do not mean to deprive you off all the delicious thanksgiving food, enjoy the meals and burn them with these workouts listed below. We guarantee, all these workouts won’t take more than 20 minutes.

We have compiled three different routines for you to follow. All three extremely easy and require minimal equipment to get going.

  1. The ‘Planksgiving’ Challenge

Planking is a full body workout. It is important to remember how to keep your core, legs and glutes engaged all the time. Out of all the exercises, planks is one of the most basic and effective exercises for your core. Forget the crunches and hit your abs every time with this plank exercise. Planks come with different variations. Start with a warm up and do a 20-30 second plank a first. Gradually increase time and hold your plank for as long as you can.

The Planksgiving Challenge does not end there. The second part of the challenge is to make healthy eating choices. It’s important to enjoy this time of year, but to also be mindful of what we’re eating and drinking. Let yourself indulge in your favorite holiday foods that you’ve waited all year for! Just remember to practice portion control and maintain a balanced lifestyle by staying active. Ready, set, go!

Study the info graphic below to know more about planks and how to do them.

  1. The Ultimate Fat Burning Thanksgiving Workout

We all look for accessibility. The availability of workout equipment and being able to do it easily is the key motivation for working out. It is believed that you shouldn’t worry about one or two days of eating or cheating on your diet. It is better if you work out on a regular basis.

The ultimate fat burning challenge lets you exercise with the minimum work out equipment. For this workout mix, all you need is a medicine ball. However if you don’t have that, don’t worry, there are other things you can use instead of a medicine ball to pass on. Get creative and start working out!

Repeat 4x:

10 Burpees

10 Ball transfer push ups

20 Jump lunges

5 Handstand pushups (modified is fine!)

10 Squat thrusts

10 Woodchoppers (5 / side)

Bonus: 15 Ab Roll Outs + Handstand practice

  1. The Thanksgiving Circuit

Circuit training is one of the most effective and killing workouts of all time. You can quickly perform a circuit and it will be enough for the day. Many gyms and instructors prefer circuit training over any other workout since it helps burn the most calories and doesn’t let your heart rate drop, which is the most important thing while working out. It is important to make a balanced circuit that has the perfect blend of mixed exercises that are efficient enough to burn the stubborn calories you have.


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