There are some very exciting potential fights to look forward to in 2015 with the heavyweight division finally gaining some interesting contenders and some of the old brigade entering their final year in the ring. Here would be our pick of the potential matchups.

Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr

It looks as though this fight could be finally edging closer to actually happening. The problem in a potential matchup is that Floyd Mayweather has more to lose than Pacquiao. He has an unbeaten record to protect and in recent fights has looked as though his powers are waning badly meaning Pacquiao probably would be favourite. Neither have a particularly strong punch nor knockout power but Pacquiao has certainly looked like he has retained more of his hand speed. At the end of the day though, money talks more in boxing than any other sport and the size of this fight would dwarf anything that has been seen before including Tyson v Lewis.

Anthony Joshua vs. Tyson Fury

Eddie Hearn has been talking up Anthony Joshua for a potential British heavyweight title fight next summer meaning that Tyson Fury would have to get in the ring with him. He is due to fight Klitschko next (and will in all likelihood lose) leaving him with a potentially big fight against Joshua his only choice for some real publicity.

Carl Froch vs. Mikkel Kessler

These two warriors have had 2 great fights so far and it is 1-1 in the series. The pair are now good friends outside of the ring and respect each other’s ability greatly but there is unfinished business and a decided would certainly be something that would appeal to both. Carl Froch isn’t particularly bothered about defending his existing Super Middleweight titles, he just wants to fight in Vegas and if this fight could be made in Vegas it would definitely go ahead.

Carl Frampton vs. Scott Quigg

In the last couple of years the lighter weights in boxing have really come to the forefront with Bury boxer Scott Quigg and Northern Irishman Carl Frampton both winning world titles. It would truly be an exciting fight to see them both step in to a ring. Both are great fighters with Quigg being one of the fittest men in boxing and Frampton having perhaps the better natural skills.


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