While preparing for his fight with Anthony Joshua, the heavyweight world champion got a bit carried away and ended up with a staggering coach.

Ruiz Jr. almost KO his own coach during training session. The coach was seen staggering after the heavyweight thumped the pad a bit too hard.

The world stood aghast last year when Ruiz dropped Joshua four times before stopping him in the seventh round. The rivals are scheduled to meet once again in Saudi Arabia on December 7 this year.

Recently, Ruiz posted a video of himself hitting pads with the caption, “I barely touched him.” In the video the Mexican-American is shown throwing left hooks which caught his trainer off-guard and sent him staggering backwards.

The last Ruiz Jr / Joshua bout happened in June where the champ was mocked mercilessly for being chubby. This time round he has had three months to prepare for his rematch with Joshua and this time round he plans to slim down to make best use of his speed in Saudi Arabia.

Commenting on the most anticipated fight of the year end Ruiz said “Right now, I’m only three pounds less than when I fought Anthony Joshua,” addressing all naysayers he further added, “A lot of people are saying ‘he looks too skinny, he won’t be strong enough for the fight’, but those are people who don’t really know about boxing.





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