For more years than we can remember, boxing has been one of Americas most loved sports, bringing in huge crowds from across the country.

On Saturday night, audiences across the globe witnessed an epic match between ‘Bam Bam’ Rios and “Mile High” Mike Alvarado, and it didn’t leave us disappointed. This remarkable fight had all boxing fans with their eyes glued to the ring, where the two dynamic fighters came against one another. Both the champions put up a good fight, but eventually Rios swept up a clear victory against Alvarado and proved himself to be the better boxer, this time.

In this remarkable fight, Rios punished Alvarado with his quick moves throughout the whole bout. He sent Alvarado to his knees in the first round, leaving him with a swelled face. Prior to the fourth round, the physician at the ringside held up two fingers in front of Alvarado’s face and inquired, how many?

Alvarado whispered, “Four”.

Rios landed 120 of his 290 punches thrown in 3 rounds, whereas Alvarado only managed to land 20 of the 87 thrown.

Rios won by technical smash in a ruthless end to the three-fight set. It will be possibly a frustrating end to Alvarado’s boxing career, where he seemed overwhelmed by the focus and passion of Rios.

At the end of this exciting match, Rios earned $850,000 and claimed that it was his finest performance of his career. Rumors are there that Rios may consider retiring, although he denied that after the fight.


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