BAMMA 35 relived its legacy of creating sensational fights by hosting diverse talents engaged in fiery action in pursuit of the title. Conor McGregor’s presence at the event to support his SGB members was like a cherry at top of MMA cake. The Notorious’s support for Pascu and Kiefer Crosbie made their hometown fans frenzy with joy as they managed to rule the ring.

Pascu’s determined wrestling style saw him remain dominant in the first two rounds of his fight against Alex Lohore. The former champ failed to mark an impression as he couldn’t free himself of the sabotage Ion inflicted by pinning him on the canvas. Although “Da Killer Kid” tried to get back to his feet and snatch the crown back, his mismatched moves didn’t do him any favours.

Pascu’s win has sealed him a spot for the title fight between him and the current champion Terry Brazier.

Kiefer Crosbie proved to be undeterred against his rival  Plant Josh , trouncing him in just the first round of the co-event.

McGregor made it to the show just in time to witness his teammate take total control of the ring as Crosbie and Plant locked horns in a savage brawl.

Although Plant put up a good fight; however, soon the home star’s shots started gaining momentum as he attacked his rival with lethal hooks. The bout was closed by referee in its final moments as Plant’s attempt to take down Crosbie turned sour and Dublin artist bombarded him with elbows on the side of his head.

Edwards continued on with his winning legacy by reigning the ring on one-minute mark. Fabian drove his left leg into Claudio Conti’s body which made the latter fall flat on the canvas.

Results Main Card

Ion Pascu defeated Alex Lohore by UD

Kiefer Crosbie defeated Josh Plant by TKO – R1

Fabian Edwards defeated Claudio Conti by KO – R2


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