Punch Bag Work-Out

Working out on a punch bag is the perfect combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. The boxer or martial artist physique is normally shredded, well defined and a muscular one – and believe it or not, they don’t usually hit the tread mills. It’s all about intense rounds VS the heavy, speed, slip, pedestal, or upper cut bags.

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First things first:

Invest in a durable pair of boxing gloves and hand wraps, and learn how to fight with proper technique. Always get gloves that are comfy and snug, especially around the wrist. You want to keep the wrist and fist aligned in a straight-line so as to bring the ‘elbow behind the knuckles’ to avoid damaging your wrist. This way the skeletal system absorbs any hard-impact (that is almost good for the bones) rather than the weak focal points of your wrist that is held together by weak tendons and tissue


Once you’ve got this down get to nearest heavy bag and start throwing some leather to improve your overall fitness.

Great for Cardio:

Boxing is all movement and rhythm. The mere act of head bobbing, weaving and ducking or stepping in and out, even keeping your arms up for defense turns the activity into an aerobic one. With the added task of punching a 50 – 60 KG (100 lbs – 120 lbs), the aerobic exercise turns anaerobic and you’re suddenly pumping muscle while trying to catch your breath. So you’re basically building muscle simultaneously as you sweat the fat. Imagine running with mini-dumbbells.

Chisel up:

3 minutes non-stop punching and kicking for 3 rounds with 30 seconds rest for 3 rounds Is an almost next to perfect way of burning calories while working out your chest, shoulder, back and abdominal muscles. Throwing punches is not all about the arms. It literally starts from the feet. So when you’re hopping around and throwing bombs with added resistance from the bag repeatedly, you’re building some solid muscle with it too.

Stress Relief:

There is NOTHING better than to beat the demons of stress through punching a heavy bag. Throw bombs (with proper technique), take the anger and frustration of the day out on that inanimate object you’ve imagined to be your boss, ex-girlfriend/wife/husband/boyfriend, friend who stole your girl, or your favorite dictator you love to hate. The idea here is to channel your aggression and natural need for violence as a form of catharsis.

Learn to fight:

Even if you’re not one to train in a boxing gym or are a professional fighter, you still learn to throw a punch properly and with power. The more rounds you go the more your punches become fluid. Apply proper technique by emulating some boxers and you’ve done a good 10{317a7769e272dec17b69bda26c6a5a4c5e6799efcd8a85f72cb552b76862c2b9} of learning how to fight. If you’ve practiced on a heavy-bag you can rest assured that your punch is DEFINITELY stronger than the average man or woman’s.


Remember you can do this standing in one place in stance, or while moving around. The punches you can choose to throw in stance or with squared hips:

  • 5 x right leg kick – post one leg on the ground and swivel your hips entirely as you swing your leg downwards almost at a 120 degree angle. Repeatedly whip your leg and turn with your hips as if the heel of your foot is turning inside towards the out. Breathe out with every strike.
  • 5 x left leg kick – same as the right leg kick.
  • 5 x right body kick – With the same mechanics as the leg kicks, you throw your kick using your hip in quick succession. Treat your hips like you’re launching them.
  • 5 x left body kick – same as the right body kick.
  • 5 x left high (head) kick – if you’re flexible enough use the same mechanics as the body and leg kicks to throw this technique. Be warned though, if you’re not flexible and your form isn’t right, then you should vote against training this.
  • 5 x right high (head) kick – same as right head kick.
  • 20 x punches – Stand square or in stance and throw jab cross combos at least 20 times with power.
  • 10 x hooks to head – Throw power hooks at your face level at the bag. Remember to put your body into this.
  • 10 x hooks to the body – Same as hooks to the head but to the body. It is advised to bend your knees for this
  • 10 x elbows – Pound bag with devastating elbows simultaneously
  • 20 x knees – Throw knees upwards using your hips to launch them as if you were bumping into the bag with power.

After a round of this. Repeat. Twice more. Do for at least a month every day – and watch your body transform! Get a pair of durable gloves and bag and get to work instantly!


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