Remember when we asked, “Will the King Tame the Bull”? It turns out he did …… and quite impactfully as well! For those unable to figure out what we’re actually talking about, it’s Lyndon Arthur vs Joel McIntyre bout that took place on Friday, December 2, 2022, at the Newcastle Arena, Newcastle, London. Lyndon Arthur beats Joel McIntyre to remain the King in this Wasserman boxing event.

This light heavyweight bout was brought to us on the undercard of Troy Williamson vs. Josh Kelly for the BBBOC British Super Welterweight Championship.

While Josh Kelly secured a clean victory against Troy Williamson in a 12-round matchup to claim the British Super Welterweight title (118-110, 119-109, 119-111), Lyndon King Arthur boasted an impressive second-round TKO victory against Joel El-Toro McIntyre.

I am Levels Above Him – Period!

King Arthur relived his famous jab (that helped him beat Anthony Yarde in their first encounter) to wobble Joel McIntyre with more than half of the second round to spare. Once the jab set McIntyre on jelly legs, Lyndon Arthur followed with four hard shots straight to the head. The referee had to step in, waiving it off between the two once all the shots remained unanswered.

I knew he was a tough opponent, but I knew I was levels above him, and I showed some of that,” 

Arthur spoke after the clash.

And throughout the bout, we could see Arthur firmly believed in his supremacy over his opponent. So, he approached the fight in a very cool, calm, and calculated manner, establishing his physical and mental dominance right from the start.

If we talk about Joel El-Toro McIntyre, it was pretty evident from the first step he took in the ring that he knew he had to do something special to overcome Arthur. Perhaps that’s why we see him baiting Lyndon by stepping forward and lowering his guard.

However, Lyndon proved he was seasoned well and only picked the right moments to deliberately inflict some damage on him. And once he got his momentum going by the mid of the second round, he made his move to outclass El-Toro quite dominantly.

Lyndon Arthur vs Joel McIntyre Round-wise Coverage

Here’s what happened in the one-and-a-half round of confrontation between the two:

Lyndon Arthur vs Joel McIntyre Round 1

The bout begins. Joel tries to set Lyndon up for a big right by leaning in on his front leg with his guard down. Lyndon seems to pick it up right away, avoiding any misadventure, only closing in on the best opportunity, and stepping away after throwing a jab, often followed by a solid right.

By the end of round 1, it was apparent that Lyndon had his mind very clear about what and how he needed to finish his opponent. The round belonged to Lyndon despite McIntyre displaying some aggression.

Lyndon Arthur vs Joel McIntyre Round 2

The second round starts pretty much the same way the first did. McIntyre tries his best to lure Lyndon in with the hopes of taking his lights off via big right. The circling and brushing continues for a little over a minute when Arthur hits McIntyre like a King with a big right, wobbling him instantly.

With Joel getting visibly disoriented, Lyndon is ready to make his move. He steps up the game, hurting him with some accurate jabs and a couple of big rights. While still evidently dazed, El-Toro tries to swing back wildly but fails to hurt him.

Lyndon’s advances continue, pushing Joel to the ring and throwing a spree of power shots, making him look absolutely helpless in blocking or responding to them. Four consecutive of them are enough to push the referee to intervene and end the bout on a technical knockout.

What’s Next for Lyndon King Arthur?

In Lyndon’s own words:

“I’ve got a big 2023. A world title is my plan. Hopefully, Yarde beats Beterbiev, and we can get the third fight cracking. If not, I’ll chase my own world title.”

It’s plain and simple, right? Lyndon vs Yarde 3 to settle the scores or a world title. So, we at RDX take this moment to praise Lyndon’s newfound spirit and skill, wishing him all the best in his future endeavors, and vow to stand beside him, moving, improving and evolving together!



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