Looking to get some attention from the handsome hunk in your life? Here’s how you can get him admire your love and style this Black Friday with these amazing deals for him. Functional, affordable and long-lasting, these products will help you rekindle your love.

Power Lifting Hook Wrist Straps

Feel safest in his muscular arms. Compliment his tight hug by purchasing him Power Lifting Hook Wrist Straps from RDX Sports. Ideal for lifting weight for any type of workout regime; powerlifting, body building or CrossFit, these straps reduce impact on hands by providing outstanding grip. They come with a shock-absorbent feature that prevents injuries and makes them quite durable. A hook closure will help them fit perfectly his hands. With these lifting hook straps, your man can fulfil his weightlifting goals. So make him swollen and love you even more by purchasing this functional lifting gear.

Shield Face Saver Headguard

Keep his handsome looks from getting scarred by getting him a Shield Face Saver Headguard from RDX Sports that is meant to protect him from the most cruel blows and bruises. The headgear offers shock-resistant technology that will not let his focus divert. Made of leather with stylish design, the headgear will keep your man looking his best even when taking on deadly opponents. Since this fitness gear is manufactured to minimize the risk, the equipment can last quite long making it an indispensable part of your partner’s life, just like you.

Gel Gum Shield Mouth Guard

Keep those sweet lips smiling with the help of  Gel Gum Shield Mouth Guard from RDX Sports that is meant to safeguard his mouth in the worst of fights.  This boil-and-bite mouth guard fills perfectly into his mouth providing full protection and leaving no space to damage his sparkling teeth and molars. Show him how much you care about his beautiful grin by getting him a perfect-fit that will protect him for long.

Leather Belt  

Maintain that classic look by purchasing the lover of your life a 4 Inch Weightlifting Gym Belt from RDX Sports. Extremely convenient to keep the back in perfect posture during heavy weightlifting sessions, this fitness gear can make important spot in your lover’s gym bag. The belts are made of premium quality leather that is extremely useful to absorb shock while giving his lower back needed comfort and support.

Skipping Rope

Add some fun to your lover’s fitness routine by purchasing Adjustable Skipping Rope from RDX Sports. The unique mechanism of the rope allows a 360-degree rotation without entangling. So this Black Friday skip away your fears as your lover moves to the beats of this swift, elastic skipping rope.


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