As the final quarter of the year rolls in, the retail world gears up for its grand finale of sales, kicking off with Black Friday. This day, falling on the last Friday of November, marks the start of a shopping frenzy where brands slash prices on a myriad of items, igniting a season of incredible deals and high-volume buying. And this sales extravaganza doesn’t just end there; it extends right through to the 26th of December, offering a treasure of opportunities for savvy shoppers.

And, as the sale season begins, it becomes the prime time for fighters, martial artists, and combat sports enthusiasts to stock their arsenal with the best gear. But while the extraordinary discounts and deals garner your attention, it is extremely important not to compromise on the quality of the gear just to save a couple of bucks. And that’s where RDX Sports enters the equation.

Being a testament to quality and durability, we offer a range of products that cater to every discipline. Whether you are an avid boxer, a professional martial artist, or a yoga enthusiast, we have the perfect gear for all!

With uncompromised quality and deals that are hard to resist, fighters can now enhance their skills with gear that matches their ambition.

So, as we delve into the heart of this high-sales season, let’s explore how RDX gear is not just an investment in equipment but an investment in your journey as a fighter. Offering up to 75% off on Black Friday Sale, these high-quality ultimate fighter’s gear essentials are available at the best prices. Get ready to gear up and step into the new year with RDX – where quality meets comfort!

Boxing Essentials

Boxing, a sport as much about finesse as it is about strength, requires more than just willpower and skill. The right equipment is crucial in honing technique, ensuring safety, and maximising performance. At RDX, we ensure that you can withstand the rigours of intense sport with utmost comfort and safety. Here is the wide variety of boxing gear that we offer:

Boxing Gloves

The quintessential symbol of boxing, these gloves are designed for protection and impact absorption. These high-quality RDX boxing gloves are padded to safeguard your knuckles, reduce the risk of hand injuries, and soften the blow for your opponent.

Whether you are looking for training gloves, sparring gloves, competition gloves, or bag gloves, we offer one that meets your needs. And if you wish to channel the inner boxer of your child, we help fulfil those dreams by providing kids boxing gloves as well. Whether you want an ergonomic grip, snug fitting or wrist support, our gloves are designed to deliver it all!

Punching Bags

A staple in boxing training, punching bags allow you to practise combinations, improve power, and enhance endurance. Heavy bags are ideal for building strength and honing power punches, while speed bags help in developing rhythm, timing, and hand-eye coordination. From training bags to freestanding bags to speed bags, RDX displays a wide variety of punch bags for its boxers.

With a tough, tear-resistant exterior, our bags evenly  disperse the shock for a safe training experience. Designed to withstand heavy and repeated strikes, these are the ideal addition to your boxing gear.

Hand Wraps


The RDX boxing hand wraps are designed to provide essential support for the hands and wrists. Made from breathable and stretchable material, they offer both comfort and a secure fit. Available in multiple lengths, these wraps cater to personal preferences and provide customised protection. The secure fastening makes them easy to put on and adjust for the perfect fit. Offering excellent wrist and knuckle protection, these are made to enhance your boxing experience.

Protective Gear

Safety takes centre stage in boxing, and RDX’s protective gear is crafted to keep you safe and confident in the ring. Their headgear is a standout, striking the perfect balance between lightness and protection. It’s padded with foam that absorbs shocks like a champ, keeping your head secure during the heat of sparring. The headgear also features adjustable straps, ensuring it fits snugly and comfortably, a must-have during intense training sessions.

For teeth and gum protection, RDX’s mouthguards are a game-changer. They are ergonomically shaped, offering top-notch protection for your teeth while making sure you can breathe easily and stay focused on your opponent.

And, let’s not forget the groin protectors – designed to be tough yet comfortable, with extra padding where you need it the most. Together, this gear from RDX is your armour in the ring, combining safety, comfort, and performance, so you can train hard and fight hard, worry-free.

Focus Mitts

Focus mitts from RDX are an invaluable tool for honing accuracy, speed, and technique. Heralding high-end durability, they are designed to withstand the impact of repeated strikes. The dense foam padding efficiently absorbs impact, protecting the trainer’s hands. Crafted to be compact and lightweight, these mitts are easy to use and manoeuvre, making them ideal for enhancing striking skills and reflexes.

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MMA Gear Must-Haves

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a sport that demands versatility, endurance, and precision, and the right gear is crucial for effective training and competition. RDX, with its reputation for quality and innovation, offers a range of Mixed Martial Arts gear discounts that cater to these diverse requirements.

MMA Gloves

RDX’s MMA gloves are a fusion of functionality and durability. Crafted from premium  materials, they are built to endure the toughest fights. These gloves are distinguished by their multi-layered padding, providing both protection and enhanced shock absorption for the knuckles. They offer a unique balance of flexibility and support, crucial for grappling and striking manoeuvres. With a wide variety of sparring gloves and grappling gloves,  RDX ensures to help you reach peak performance.

Punch Bags

Boasting robust  exteriors, RDX’s punch bags are designed to withstand varied and powerful strikes. Ensuring optimal shock absorption, these bags offer a realistic and safe platform for practising punches, elbows, knees, and kicks.  These punch bags come in various forms, including traditional heavy bags, freestanding bags, and training bags catering to a wide range of training needs and spatial constraints.

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Kicking Shields

These are ingeniously designed to absorb the most powerful strikes, providing a safe and comfortable training experience. Crafted from sturdy materials, our kicking shields make the heaviest of kicks feel like a pillow. The ideal padding dissipates force, providing impact resistance, while the robust exterior promises long-lasting perfection. So, if you wish for your training to go up a notch, our kicking shields are a must-try!

Shin Guards

In MMA, protecting your shins is crucial, given the sport’s emphasis on leg strikes. MMA shin guards are designed with a focus on comprehensive protection and comfort. They are lightweight, allow for swift movements, and are equipped with padding that cushions against impacts. The guards are adjustable for a secure fit, ensuring they can be worn for extended training sessions without discomfort.

MMA Shorts

Mobility and comfort are key, and our MMA shorts are designed with these factors in mind. They are made from lightweight, breathable fabrics that allow for a full range of motion. The shorts feature reinforced stitching for durability and flexibility, essential during grappling and striking. The waistbands are secure yet comfortable, ensuring the shorts stay in place during dynamic movements. If you’re looking for a performance enhancer, our MMA shorts are your way to go!

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Cross-Training Equipment

We also provide a wide range of cross-training equipment designed to enhance strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health.

Powerlifting Belts

Crafted from sturdy materials, these belts provide crucial lower back support during heavy lifts, reducing the risk of injury. Featuring contoured fits that adapt to the body’s shape, they guarantee both comfort and stability. The secure buckle systems allow for easy adjustment and a snug fit, essential for maintaining proper posture and form during lifts. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced lifter, RDX’s powerlifting belts are a key component for a safe and effective strength training routine.

Resistance Bands

Elevate your workout routine with our resistance bands, a versatile and dynamic tool for anyone looking to boost their fitness game. These bands, crafted from high-quality, durable materials, are designed to maintain elasticity and strength over time, ensuring they can withstand the rigours of regular use. RDX offers them in a variety of resistance levels, making them perfect for everyone, from fitness novices to seasoned athletes. Portable and easy to store, these bands are ideal for home gyms, travel workouts, or outdoor training sessions.

Aerobic Steps

Aerobic stepper is a multifaceted and robust addition to any workout routine. Designed for versatility, this sturdy step platform is perfect for a range of activities, from high-energy step aerobics to strength and balance exercises. With its adjustable height feature, it caters to various fitness levels, allowing you to increase the intensity of your workout as you progress. The non-slip surface ensures safety and stability, even during the most vigorous routines.

Jump Rope

This rope is designed for speed and efficiency, crafted from lightweight, durable materials that ensure a smooth and fast rotation. The ergonomically designed handles offer a comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue and allowing for longer, more productive workouts. With adjustable length, it accommodates users of all heights, making it a versatile choice for individuals and families alike. So, if you’re looking to spice up your cardio routine, our jump rope is your go-to fitness accessory.

Yoga Essentials

RDX’s yoga essentials  comprise a collection thoughtfully designed to enhance your yoga practice. At its heart is the RDX yoga mat, a perfect blend of comfort and stability with a non-slip surface that provides a safe and steady base for all your poses. Complementing the mat is our yoga block, a lightweight yet sturdy aid that assists in achieving deeper stretches and better alignment, especially beneficial for beginners or those with limited flexibility.

We also  offer yoga straps, another gem, enabling extended reach and holding poses for longer, thus deepening your practice and improving flexibility. If you’re someone who wishes to add more diversity to your routine, our yoga balls are perfect. They are ideal for core strengthening exercises, balance training, and muscle rehabilitation.

Together, these essentials from RDX form a harmonious ensemble that supports your journey from basic stretches to the most intricate asanas, making your yoga practise a truly holistic and fulfilling experience.

The wide array of incredible products is available at a massive discount of upto 75%. Whether you’re eyeing the perfect pair of boxing gloves, the sturdiest yoga mat, or the most resilient MMA shorts, now is the time to act. Head over to the RDX website and fill your cart with your favourite gear. This offer is ticking away and only valid until November 24th. So, don’t let this chance slip by and grab the RDX gear black friday deals now!


In conclusion, RDX offers an unparalleled range of high-quality gear catering to diverse disciplines, from boxing and MMA to cross-training and yoga. Each product is designed with a deep understanding of the athlete’s needs, ensuring performance enhancement, safety, and durability. Whether you’re a professional fighter, a fitness enthusiast, or a yoga practitioner, RDX provides the perfect gear to support your journey.

With Black Friday and the holiday season upon us, it’s the perfect time to invest in RDX gear. These products aren’t just purchases; they’re investments in your fitness journey, offering the perfect blend of quality, comfort, and performance. So, gear up with RDX this season and step into the new year, ready to achieve your fitness goals with confidence and style.

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