Finding the perfect boxing stance is the foundation for any boxer. Stance maketh the boxer. For beginners the most essential element of learning to box is becoming used to a stance. The first thing that you should NOT do is copy the stance of your favorite boxer. You have to choose a stance that can bring your strengths to the forefront. Hiding your weaknesses is also a major part of boxing as this is often a sport of giving and getting hurt.. Your opponent will be using this same mindset too. That’s how you will find weaknesses in their game plan, by utilizing your skills to their best effect.

There are 2 basic types of stances; Orthodox boxing stance and Southpaw boxing stance. Orthodox is for boxers who are right-handed and the southpaw is for those who are left-handed.

Floyd Mayweather (Orthodox Stance) verses Manny Pacquiao (Southpaw Stance)

The Importance of Boxing Stances?

There are 8 major categories that boxing stances and boxing training can help you with:

  • Power
    A proper stance will help you achieve more inertia and twist in your punches. Further making it easier for you to strike harder with your entire arsenal.
  • Defense
    Furthermore your defense will be improved now that your body positioning arms and footwork is improved with stance.
  • Range
    That same defense will help you position in accordance with your opponent and determine your reach as well.
  • Balance and stability
    With proper footwork and center of gravity management you will find yourself more grounded and balanced.
  • Flexibility
    Boxing requires a lot of athleticism to move in and out of ranges, all the while damaging your opponent. Hence all stances every strike and movement will develop your flexibility.
  • Security
    A good stance will keep you safe from oncoming damage and hide potential weaknesses that your opponent can exploit.
  • Mobility
    Movement and mobility has everything to do with a proper boxing stance. From a boxing perspective this can teach you to explode into a flurry or retreat from danger.

All of the attributes mentioned above are dependent on your stance. You need to be able to generate power in your punches, make defensive movements, be flexible, counter your opponent’s moves and do everything else out of your stance.

Former Super-middleweight Champion Zach Parker in RDX Apex Lace Up Boxing Gloves

How you can get the perfect boxing stance?

First, you have to choose the type of stance; orthodox or southpaw.

From Anthony Joshua Versus Oleksandr Usyk, The Rage On The Red Sea, Anthony displays a Orthodox style

Orthodox Boxing Stance

The Orthodox stance, as mentioned above, is for boxers that are right handed. You have to stand with your left foot and left hand in front of you. This way your weaker arm is in-front of you and closer to your opponent. Allowing you to prioritize your the safety of your stronger punch.

From Anthony Joshua Versus Oleksandr Usyk, The Rage On The Red Sea, Oleksandr displays a Southpaw stance.

Southpaw Boxing Stance

Southpaw stance is for left-handed boxers. Keep your right foot and right hand forward. Why keep your weaker side placed ahead? You may start thinking that and the answer is that you have to generate power from your lead hand. Which may make you feel you can’t do that if it is held in the front. You jab with your off hand and throw powerful crosses with the lead hand.

Foot Placement in Boxing Stances

Proper footwork is the most essential part of boxing. Without having good footwork your balance, mobility and defense will not develop and improve no matter how good your punching power is.

  • Your feet should be about shoulder length apart.
  • Move your lead leg to the front and angle the foot at 45 degrees from the back leg.
  • The lead leg and foot is planted on the ground. However the majority of the weight should be rolled around to the ball of the feet.
  • The heel of the back foot should be slightly off the ground. This improves your mobility.
  • Bend your knees slightly, this is for balance and power.
  • The weight distribution between both feet should be equal. Put too much weight on one foot and you will give up your mobility.
  • All while shifting weight to either foot during training or fighting.

Hands & Upper Body

For your upper body and how to orient yourself, firstly make sure you get your footwork right. As it will make it a lot easier for you to maintain your stance for a longer period of time. After which :

  • Relax your shoulders and arms. Bring the hands up to your chin, elbows bent.
  • Keep your chin down.
  • If you have the correct foot placement. Your body will be at a slight angle.
  • The front arm should cover the exposed part of your upper body.
  • The arm at the back should protect your cheek and eye.
  • Keep your vision clear at all times.

What are the common mistakes boxers make with stances?

You should always be mindful of these common mistakes that new boxers make with their stances

  • Squaring their shoulders too much and giving the opponent a larger target to hit.
  • Not aligning the front foot and the back foot, which messes with the balance.
  • Being flat-footed, messes with the mobility. Just don’t be born with those genes.
  • Raising the chin above the hands, giving the opponent a clear shot at it.
  • Putting all the weight on the front leg, which compromises the defensive movement

The most important tip of all…

Get yourself a full-size mirror or gain access to one. This way you can examine and analyze your stance in the mirror to see if you are making any mistakes or find room for improvement. Learn more about Shadow Boxing And Some Essentials That Can Greatly Improve Your Boxing. Furthermore find out more about Gloves And How To Find The Perfect One For You. If you’re a boxing enthusiast like us and are looking for an Analysis Of Boxing Leagues.

RDX Sports has always been a proponent for boxing and the magically amazing effects it can have to your fitness and physique. We encourage everyone interested in starting a new sport or developing their personal fitness to take a open eyed look at the world of boxing and fight sports. There you have it, use these tips and precautions to find your perfect boxing stance and let us know if you have any trouble by leaving comments below.


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