Has Diaz Been Fed To The Wolf?

The howl has finally been answered with Khamzat Chimaev versus Nate Diaz being verbally agreed by both fighters for UFC 279 on September the 10th at the T-Mobile Arena. It will be the retirement and contract ending bout for the street king. Hopefully, Nate will get his long awaited, freedom from the organization.


The fight will be the Main Event Of The Day, making UFC 279 Las Vegas Chimaev Verses Diaz. Finally, we get to see Khamzat reigning a big event as the headliner for a five round match. It will be the first time we see him go the full 25 mins. Hence will be a huge test for his stamina.


Nate being one of the toughest fighters in the business won’t be an easy knockout by any means. He’s known for his excellent endurance and will power in the face of adversity. And as far as insane forward pressure goes, Chimaev has more than a lot of that.


Meanwhile Nate Vs Chimaev has been in speculation since November last year. Since then Chimaev has called out every top fighter under the sun. From Alex “Poatan’ Perreira who just won against Sean Strickland and Israel “The Last Stylebender” Adesanya who just defended his Middleweight title. 

Then there is Ikram Aliskerov (Above) who he fought back in BraveFC and Shafqat “The NomadRakhmanov who shares a similar record and performance in the same weight division as Khamzat.

Khamzats call outs within his division include the very best of the best. Kamaru ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ Usman the current champion of the Welterweight Division, Leon “Rocky” Edwards the current challenger for the belt and Colby “Chaos” Covington another top five contender of the Welterweight Division who was proposed for the wolfpacks hunt by Dana himself.

Other fighters who received call outs were Jiri “Denisa” Prochazka the recent light heavyweight champion and The UFC Legend Brock “The Beast Incarnate” Lesnar who has been retired for a long while. All of these fighters have huge repertoires with their UFC status more than solidified. Some being near untouchable in their own divisions. However, fight analysts have been counting Nate out from the start. However from a statistical standpoint it seems like a very one sided fight. 

The Clear Differences.

The Huge Age Gap between the two fighters. Nate Diaz wants to finish his contract with the UFC with a retirement fight. He’s been complaining about his contract5 for almost a year now and at the age of 37 he’s finally ready to throw in the proverbial towel. On the other hand, Khamzat has just started his UFC career at the age of 28, and is reeling with hunger to be the best of the best across multiple divisions.

The big question is whether this time round we will see Khamzat striking or wrestling his classic Swedish style. Will we see King Borz needing the entire 25 mins or will he finish the fight in his traditional smeshing fashion? And will he give Nate the honor he deserves and choke him out rather than giving a devastating end to a fighter who has always put all his respect and “cred” on the line every time he spoke and fought for the organization?  

Khamzat Chimaev, RDX SPORTS, MMA Sparring Gloves, White And Black Gloves

RDX howls alongside Borz with full confidence that the pack will devour whichever opponent the promotion throws his way. We know at the end of the day the real Alpha Wolf has already Evolved.


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