The UFC 279 main event is right around the corner. Mixed martial arts superstars Khamzat Chimaev and Nate Diaz will be facing each other in the main event! Which we can only expect to be a spectacular star sparking main event. Chimaev has never lost a match. And every single fighter in the division attempts to avoid his Smesh style knockout power. On the other hand Diaz has never been knocked out. Despite being on the receiving end of many capable knockout artists. In fact as the punches pile on, Diaz somehow manages to fight better.

Khamzat Chimaev versus Nate Diaz is bound to be a brawl fest that shows two extremely passionate fighters. Both fighters have had a lot to say about their opinions of each other. And though there is clearly some respect between them, it will be forgotten completely as the pre-fight press conferences come through later today. Read more about Nate Diaz and his history here.

Khamzat Chimaev will be displaying that “Smesh Everybody” mentality that shot his fame through the UFC roof. On the other hand Nate Diaz has been proving he’s a gangster since Chimaev was a young boy. His history of clutching out upsets makes him one of the most unpredictable fighters in the entirety of the UFC. But many fighters see this fight in a very different light, read more about the reactions and community response to this fight here.

Chimaev Vs Diaz; UFC 279 Las Vegas, The Comparison


Being a submission and grappling focused fighter Nate Diaz has some answers for Khamzats Swedish wrestling background. If the fight ends up going to the ground and into jiu jitsu we will be seeing a very first from Chimaev who hasn’t had to utilize that skill set yet. Although “Borz” has gotten submission wins, they have never been in contention by his opponents and hence would finish rather immediately. Whereas Nate has displayed his BJJ skills in a much wider capacity.


Chimaev is mostly wrestling focused and hence will have the upperhand in clinches and takedowns against the resilience of Diaz. This may be where Khamzat wins the fight on points. It is unlikely that Diaz will have a response to that. Although Nate has decent takedown defense. It may not be enough to counter the ground and pound wrestling style of a fighter like Khamzat. Khamzat has been developing his top level wrestling from the very young age of 5. He remains undefeated even in his wrestling record of 24-0.


As the much kicks off, the stand-up and striking is also favored towards Khamzats raw strength and knockout power. He has the capacity to switch the lights off of any fighter in the UFC roster. Irrelevant of the weight division. However as the fight progresses and Nate Diaz starts to tire out the stamina of the Young Wolf the fight will start leaning towards his side. The longer the fight goes the more the chance that Diaz gets a surprise victory.


UFC 279: Chimaev Versus Diaz is bound to be super exciting and RDX couldn’t be prouder to represent the Swedish Wolf in his most exciting challenge yet.

The Co-Main event with TeamRDX veteran superstar Tony Ferguson is fighting Li Jingliang is also bound to be a heart stopping action packed match up.

Following that the catchweight bout between Kevin Holland versus Daniel Rodriguez will also be wildly entertaining, with all the antics “Big Mouth Kevin gets up to.

Furthermore Bantamweight Irene Aldana versus Macy Chiasson has the potential to be an amazing fight with Aldana being favored to win.

The final matchup in the main card of light heavyweights Johnny Walker fighting Ion Cutelaba is also bound to be explosive.

RDXSports is super excited for Saturday UFC 279 Vegas: Chimaev Versus Diaz. The event will be a firework display of physical prowess and reckless willpower. TeamRDX representatives El Cucuy and King Borz are both bound to bash down their competition and rise to the top again. With both “The Wolf” and “The Boogeyman” on the prowl, bigger, badder and better than ever before the entire welterweight division better watch their backs.


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