How Fighters Cut Weight, Heal And Prevent Injuries Despite All Odds.

Most people haven’t heard of compression wear or fully understand its benefits, but it is slowly becoming the future of wearable fitness technology. From losing weight by sweat, to helping one heal and support the body through injuries, compression wear covers a wide array of uses for fighters, gym enthusiasts and those looking to get back into shape. 

Recommended to professionals only, To be measured and worn finding the perfect fit for every muscle covered.

Some of the compression wearables available in this article include:

Weight Loss

After properly monitoring performance professional athletes possess a secret sauce for those extra grams that just don’t seem to go away. Mind you that these athletes are already very “cut” individuals, hence their body to fat ratio is extremely low. So to make weight or to be truly stretched to the skin, Sauna Compression Wear is where every athlete looks to get rid of that excess by pushing their muscles, water levels and body to the brink. The relationship between sauna compression wear and weight loss is a finicky one.

Most people don’t believe in its effectiveness however Compression wear is your muscles best friend especially if you’re reducing mass or losing weight. Compression wear in this regard will help you two fold; by helping you sweat out extra water weight while simultaneously tightening your muscles around your body to prevent injury. RDX Compression wear is at the forefront of utilizing Compression technology through our unique Neoprene fabrics for the unique and extreme process of weight cutting.

Muscle Recovery

Gym goers rejoice! Gone are the days of immobility due to muscle fatigue and post workout pain in the new age of Compression technology. Compression wear is used to assist your body with muscle recovery, the post workout or even during an injury.

Sleeves can be found for all joints from your hands to your feet. Most RDX Compression sleeves and suits are made from the finest neoprene, a synthetic rubber designed specifically for muscle protection. So forget about the post workout lethargy and use Compression Wear to get your body back out of a stress-filled workout faster.

Support Wear

Superhuman regeneration is possible? Well, no… But Compression wear in the form of supports for your joints can be extremely helpful in aiding movement and supporting injured joints. Similar to the healing effects of a brace for an injury, this support wear can assist in your recovery that much more.

Support wear is used in many sports for additional bracing and creating gentle yet constant pressure on your body which increases blood flow instead of restricting it. They do this by improving circulation and giving muscles additional support. Better athletic performance can motivate you to exercise more and more exercise is a proven method for losing weight.


The overall consensus on Compression wear is varied with many people claiming no significant change by adding it to their training. However many top athletes, from marathon runners to MMA fighters show that their performances have greatly improved since adding Compression garments to their regimes.

Otherwise fighters often use sauna wear during the extreme circumstances of weight cutting for which it has more than proven its capacity to help you sweat out water weight. This isn’t for the faint of heart though, nor for someone looking to lose weight, as after you rehydrate to humane levels your weight will go right back up. But professional body builders and fighters hold a lot of faith in its capability to help you lose those final grams for the weight scale and subsequent performances.


RDX Compression wear serves to be the new age all-in-one solution for many of the problems that seem menial to amateurs but are crucial to the productivity and performance of professional athletes and performers. Further enabling the small benefits to accumulate and churn out the bodies last few drops for huge benefits and gains towards their fitness and weight goals. Otherwise compression wear truly does assist as supports or braces for joint recovery post workout and muscle shaping.


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