Jon Jones is making his long awaited return to the octagon this weekend against his longtime rival Daniel Cormier. The heated rivalry has been reset and DC wants revenge, while Bones is trying to bring everything full circle and get his career back on track.

Jones took to Instagram yesterday and gave fans a look at how his preparations for the fight are going.

From the looks of things, they are going great!

Jones looked absolutely ripped, he may even be in the best shape of his life.

It is clear that Jon Jones has shaken off all the 15 months of cobwebs and is ready to take on DC.

Photo by: UFC

Brock Lesnar wants a super fight

Brock Lesnar, while speaking to the press, said that he would fight Jon Jones ‘anywhere, anytime’.

Rumors of Lesnar’s UFC return have been circulating for some time. He is under contract with the WWE for one more year and there is also the fact that he is still banned from the UFC after failing the drug test.

Though it does have the potential to be a multimillion dollar fight, it is unlikely that this super fight will be happening anytime soon.

Jones trying to get his life back

As we have mentioned above, Jones has been out of the ring for 15 months.

People are speculating all sorts of possibilities for his comeback.

The man himself has said that with this fight he wants to get his life back on track.

The hit and run, the failed drug test, the title being stripped, and being banned threw his career off.

He was on top of his division. No one doubted that he was one of the best fighters in UFC, if not the best.

No one has ever defeated him in the octagon and he clearly bested Cormier in their last fight.

So a win would get him back to the pinnacle of MMA, all he has to do is not mess it up when he gets there.

What are your thoughts Jon Jones’ comeback?

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