Reigning Invicta featherweight champion, Cristiane ‘Cyborg’ Justino, wants to face Ronda Rousey in the future and she is willing to get her weight down if Rousey is prepared to meet her half way. Cyborg fights at 145lb currently but she has been working non-stop with her new nutritionist to get her weight down to 135lb to make the historic fight happen.

Cyborg appeared on UFC Tonight, in front of co-hosts Kenny Florian and Michael Bisping, “I signed a UFC deal, but it will be with Invicta and my next fight is at 145. But you know I’m excited. I want to make my fight at 135 one day.”

Both fighters, Rousey and Cyborg, dominated in Strikeforce several years back and held gold at different division. But back then, the “Ronda Rousey” chants were not as loud and Cyborg could have cared less. But now that every fight enthusiast and more know who Rousey is, thanks to movies and her win record, Cyborg badly wants a piece of her.

“Let’s go fight. Let’s go meet at 140,” she said. “You can have this fight for my fans and your fans and make a great fight for women’s MMA.”

Cyborg claims that she doesn’t care about Rousey’s belt as she is a champion already. She just wants the world to see that she is better than Rousey, that’s all. But the problem for Cyborg is that Rousey doesn’t want to fight above bantamweight and the burden falls on Cyborg to lower her weight so she can get the match she wants so bad.


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