The Demetrious Johnson Diet Plan

Demetrious Johnson, the best MMA fighter in the world right now, just came out his record breaking win against Ray Borg at UFC 216. The match was first scheduled for UFC 215 but was cancelled because Borg backed out. Demetrious Johnson diet plan changes when he preparing for such a fight. We have that amazing diet plan so other MMA fighters can take advantage of it.

Demetrious Johnson Diet

The Pound-for-Pound King

Demetrious Johnson fights in the UFC flyweight division, so his accomplishments are often overlooked by fans.

But after his 11 straight title defenses in a row, he can no longer be ignored.

The record was previously held by one of the greats in the UFC, Andersen Silva.

Now it belongs to ‘Mighty Mouse’. And the way he dismantled his opponent and the move that he pulled off to get the submission was nothing short of amazing.

It will be good to see Johnson get the credit that he truly deserves.

Today, we will take a closer look at the Johnson’s Diet plan.

Demetrious Johnson Diet Plan

All fighters have a special meal plan that they like to follow when they are training for an upcoming fight.

The meals are designed to help them fuel their muscles and help them cut or gain weight during training camp.

Johnson has a great diet plan and if you have the similar physique or training regiment, you can adopt it and see if you can get the same level of agility and strength.


Johnson likes to rise early in the morning and get to the breakfast table at around 8 a.m.

  • 2 scrambled eggs
  • A smoothie or other drink that gives him a mix of vitamins

He heads off to the gym after breakfast. Usually the training involves strength and power training, speed, and agility.


The training can last for about 2 hours and after that he likes to eat a hearty meal to help his muscles recover properly.

  • Grilled chicken
  • Bowl of brown rice
  • Cucumbers or a side of other vegetables


After lunch, Johnson normally likes to take a nap to rest his body.

He wakes up at 5 p.m. and heads off to his second session of workouts.

When it’s time for dinner, he likes to go with;

  • Whole wheat pasta


  • Black beans with a side of corn


  • Grilled chicken breast
  • With a side of vegetables

Cheat Food

Johnson likes to eat healthy most of the time, which is why his weight stays right around the limit. So when he does want a burger or some frozen yogurt, he doesn’t deny his body.

He like to eat a burger once in a while during training.


Aside from milk and water, lots of water, he doesn’t drink much else. That is the healthiest drink possible and he sticks with that.

Before he goes to the gym, he does take a glass of protein shake.

Nearing a Fight

When the fight comes closer the diet changes slightly;

  • Water
  • Whole wheat Pasta
  • Chicken
  • Lettuce

The great thing about Johnson is that he doesn’t employ a dietitian and a cook like other fighters. His wife makes most of his meals.

Demetrious Johnson Diet

He believes that if you eat right and eat healthy you don’t have to worry about all that stuff.

This logic is great for new and amateur MMA fighters because they don’t have any dietitians or cooks. All they have is a coach.

So listen to that and eat healthy, see if you can go on this diet and train as hard as Johnson does.