Diaz and Pettis, what a treat to watch in the octagon. Even the ring would dance along the footwork of these two fighters, who are known for their unique dronny-brook footwork.

Despite of having the same fighting style, both opponents are known for their distinct skill i.e. Diaz – the volume striker who breaks the opponent over time and likes to take his time while Pettis on the other hand is a dynamic striker who can end a fight any moment out of nowhere, grabbing the first opportunity for takedown.

After Nate’s return to the ring after a three year absence, he surely put up a striking performance against the former UFC champion Pettis. Taking him down with his usual ‘take time to break down’ skill and made his way to a unanimous-decision victory.

It won’t be an understatement that it was an extremely unexpected win for Nate as he returned to the ring after so long. Does not make Pettis any less of a champion, he has his own set of victories against fighters like Benson Henderson and Michael Chiesa and Charles Oliveira. So if you think you can sleep on Pettis’s victories, he’ll be the one putting you to sleep.

As much as we agree how Charles has his set of victories, the technical advantages will be given to Nate this time. His lengths and strategies allows him to be deceptive and creative with his style of fighting and taking the opponent down.


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