Forbes Has Floyd Mayweather officially named the number one highest paid athlete in the world. The annual report, released around the same time each year, is based on the earnings of athletes Within the previous 12 month period from salaries, sponsorship deals, prize money, licensing fees, appearance fees and endorsements bonuses. The 2014 list states That Mayweather banked an incredible $ 105million Within the past 12 months, for a grand total of 72 minutes worth of time fight in the boxing ring, working out at Approximately $ 1.46million per minute. Mayweather’s fight against Canelo Alvarez in September Set new records for the highest grossing boxing match on pay per view ($ 150million), live gate ($ 20million) and total overall revenue ($ 200million). This, added to the guaranteed $ 32million he banked from His bout with Marcos Maidana, ensured Has His rank as the top paid athlete on Forbes’ prestigious list, as well as income from His work as a boxing promoter.

As a secondary achievement, Mayweather is the only sports star Within the top 10 That Has made it into the list Solely based on income from salary and winnings, with not a penny from sponsorship deals, unlike any of the remaining top 10, Whose incomes have all been significantly bolstered by sponsorships and endorsements. Mayweather is officially the most popular boxer in the world, meaning His pay-per-view sales are unrivaled Within the sports arena. Also He is the only athlete other than Tiger Woods to ever crack the $ 100million mark Within a 12 month period.

This huge sum annual earnings Mayweather sees leading the likes of LeBron James and NBA player football player Christiano Ronaldo Also who rank in the top 10, as well as taking over Tiger Woods, Who has held the number one spot for 11 of the past 12 years . Mayweather last topped the list in 2012, making this His second time in 3 years at the top.


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