Amir Khan recently made a daring claim in which he said that Floyd Mayweather’s father, Floyd Sr., backed him to be the one boxer that has the capabilities to beat his son. Floyd Sr. hit back saying that Khan ought to put his mouth to rest and stop spewing whatever his mind concocts and if not it could end him up in a nasty lawsuit.

Khan desperately wants a match with Mayweather; and all the talk he is making could rile up Mayweather into agreeing to a match, although I doubt that Mayweather is so stupid as to fall for something like that. Still, you can’t blame Khan for trying, just like he has been for the past half a decade. The only difference now is that the hourglass is almost empty from the top.

Khan said, “I would cause him big problems. Floyd Sr. has every respect for me. When he trained me one time, he said ‘you’ll be the guy to beat my son’. Now he’s turning around saying I would be no contest for his son, I’m no good.”

Floyd Sr., however, is having none of it as he warns Khan that he could be sued if he didn’t stop spreading lies about him.

Floyd Sr. told, “I never said that he could beat my son. I never have said that any man alive could beat my son. Amir Khan has a glass jaw. He’s not good enough, nor is anybody on the planet good enough to beat my son. He just wants to get a pay day before it’s all over with. That’s the only way he’ll able to live comfortable like he wants to live. If he’s going to continue telling lies, keep in mind, that’s how lawsuits happen.”

Khan faces Chris Algieri this coming Friday and he could become the #1 contender to face Mayweather for his final fight should he is able to take the helm against Algieri.


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