Gym Hygiene Rules You Must Adopt

Fitness enthusiasts yearn for a healthy, toned body. However, they are not mindful of their hygiene preferences whenever they workout. In order to attain an ideal healthy physique, it is imperative to bear in mind the hygiene of your body, equipment and the environment that you choose to workout in.

A recent poll conducted by a health company revealed following horrific facts about gym goers. Some hard-hitting truths based on the survey are:

  • 74% of gym goers often witness their gym members abstaining from regular hygiene standards such as using someone else’s towel, not wiping gym machinery before or after use, or not washing gym kits.
  • 49% of gym members didn’t find it objectionable to use someone else’s towel, water bottle or towels.
  • 18% gym or club members continued their fitness regimes while suffering from epidemic flus or viruses.
  • 15% of the gym goers confessed not having washed their gym kit between sessions.

Following are some gym hygiene tips that you should follow during your stay at the gym. These tips will help you avoid contagious diseases such as yeast infections, athlete’s foot, etc.

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Invest In A Good Bottle

Plastic bottles are home to bacteria. Therefore, make it mandatory to choose a metal bottle before you get your club or gym membership. Rinse it after every gym session using warm, soapy water so that any bacteria present can be easily killed. Make sure that no one else consumes water from your bottle, as almost half of the gym goers are comfortable sipping their peer’s drink, that too, without his knowledge!

Wash Hands Before And After Workout

Wash hands before and after you work out for 20 seconds using a good anti-bacterial soap. You can also use a sanitizer for this purpose. Dry your hands off either using a clean towel or the dryer.  Washing hands right after a workout can help in keeping your hygiene intact by eliminating the spread of germs and bacteria.

Wipe It Off

Bacteria thrive on sweaty, humid surfaces. Before beginning to workout it is a good practice to wipe down the equipment using a safe disinfectant. Once you have finished with your fitness regime, you can follow the same routine in order to minimize the risk of bacteria exchange. Using your own mating or placing towels on seats before exercising is a good way to limit bacteria growth.

Dry Your Face Using Towel

 It can be a bit of a natural impulse to clean your sweaty forehead with your hands and arms but refrain from doing so in all circumstances. Touching your face during or after workout will definitely transfer bacteria from the gym equipment onto your skin, calling out for skin eruptions and infections. Keep a clean towel intact and use it on your face, whenever you feel the need to wipe it off.

Keep Your Gym Accessories Clean

Adopt a routine of cleaning all your gym accessories, such as towels, shoes and gym kit after every workout session using an effective disinfective. You can keep your backpack clean by tossing all your gym clothes and shoes in a plastic bag and then putting it inside the bag. This way, you can stop the bacteria from growing inside your backpack.

Photo: RDX Gym Sports Backpack


 Shower Wearing Flip-flops

Resist the temptation of hitting the bed after a workout and shower at your earliest. Germs and bacteria burgeon in sweaty humid clothing. Take a shower right after you workout to keep yourself clean and fresh. Wear flip flops in gym showers to avoid contact with bugs, viruses and fungi. Wash your hands and feet thoroughly by paying special attention to the skin between your toes. If you are vulnerable to Athlete’s foot, use anti-fungal powder. You can completely reduce the risk of fungus outbreak by dipping your shower flip-flops in any antiseptic solution.

Take Off Sneezy Days

Avoid visiting your gym or club if you have a runny nose or are sneezing. By resting you will not be able to regain your strength but also help other gym members stay safe from the virus.

Stay Away From Water In Case Of Skin Rash

If you have developed a skin rash or an open wound, avoid Jacuzzis, club pools or water tubs. If you do so, you will be spreading the infection while being receptive to bacteria already present in the water.

Choose Cleanliness Over Price

While choosing a gym or fitness club, opt for cleanliness standards over price. You should consider joining a gym that has clean equipment, germ-free shower floors and regularly scrubbed toilets and sinks.