Perhaps you were ridiculed as skinny bones in your school days. Or maybe you have been losing all your favourite crushes to heavy built guys. Whatever the reason, you have decided to gain muscles and mass, and you want them fast.

It’s easy to pass the bucket to your revved up metabolism for keeping your size from growing, but it may not be the case. Experts suggest that men who are unable to bulk up are not following an ideal eating-and-exercising pattern.

Following is a quick muscle fix that would help you achieve your swollen looks in a shorter span of time.

 The Muscle Building Mechanism

The simple mechanism of muscle building is that the body makes use of its protein reserves to grow muscles. However, protein is constantly being used by the body to perform various functions leading to a protein deficit. Less amount of protein cannot be converted into muscle mass and the results are far from ideal. To overcome this imbalance you need to ensure the body makes more protein than the amount that is broken down for consumption.

Nothing Is Better Than A Succulent Piece of Meat

In order to keep prepping up your protein needs, aim at consuming a gram of protein per pound of body weight. Usually this is the maximum protein amount a body can make use of.  For instance a man weighing 150 pounds should consume 150 grams of weight per day. A diet composed of 6-ounce chicken breast, a beef sandwich, one egg and one serving of cottage cheese with a glass of milk along with 2 ounce nuts would meet the meaty needs of a 150 pounds man. The rest of the calorie intake can be equally divided between carbs and fats.

More Is Less

You generally need to eat more in order to grow your muscles. Concentrate on chalking out a formula that would help you in gaining a single pound in one week. Continue following this diet plan for 2 weeks and then check your weight on bathroom scale. In case the figures are not encouraging, add additional 500 calories in to your daily diet. The following formula can help you find the amount of calories you need on daily basis.

  1. Your body weight in pounds: ________.
  2. Your daily calorie intake: (Your body weight in pounds) * 12 = a*12 = _________.
  3. Your daily body calorie burn without exercise: (Your daily calorie intake)*1.6 = b*1.6 =________.
  4. Strength Workout: Number of minutes of weight lifting in a week*5 = ____________.
  5. Aerobic Workout: Number of minutes of cardio workout in a week *8 = __________.
  6. (d+e)/7 = ______________.
  7. Your daily calorie needs = (c+f) = _______________.
  8. An estimate of the calorie requirements to gain one pound = (g) + 500 = _________.

Bigger Is Better

If you are new to the muscle mania, then working on anything initially is fine as it would be strenuous enough to accelerate the protein synthesis. However, if you have been down this road earlier, it’s better to focus on bigger muscle groups such as the back, chest and legs.  You can perform bench presses, dead lifts, leg presses, walking squats, standing calf raises, military presses and dips. Workout 2-3 sets with 10-12 reps and a 1 minute rest time between each set to get noticeable results.

But First Gulp It Down

Before committing yourself religiously to these exercises, it’s best that you gulp down on a carb and amino acid shake so that the outcome is enormous. Research indicates that athletes who consume a carb and amino drink before their workout exhibit an accelerated protein synthesis than those fitness enthusiasts who gulp the power shake post workout.

Lift On Alternate Days

Though workout is the key ingredient for muscle growth, in reality muscles gain mass when the body is at rest mode. Therefore, alternate days between workout and rest, so that the body carries out the definition of muscles when it’s not busy working out.

Munch Up The Carbs

To make most of your rest period, multiply its effect by snacking on your favourite carbs. Studies indicate that the athletes who consume carbs in the rest time after rigorous periods tend to grow defining muscles quickly than those athletes who do not.

Consume 20g Protein 8 Times

Divide the number of calorie intake required by your body by 6 and consume that amount at every meal. Make it a point to supply your body with 20g of proteins after every 3 hours to ensure a flawless protein synthesis.

Ice Cream Does Wonders

Add some sweetness to your hardcore workout by relishing on a bowl of ice cream. While this may be the perfect way to pamper yourself, it’s ideal for your body too, as it helps in providing an insulin rush, helping the body reserve some protein in its post-workout breakdown.

Call It A Day With Dairy

Before calling it a day, indulge in a carb and protein treat to make sure your body is loaded with the proteins it needs. Try a small fruit bowl with cottage cheese 30 minutes before you go to bed and consume something healthy, the moment you wake up.

By keeping an eye out for your diet and committing devotedly to your exercise regime, you will get your ideal swollen frame in a few days. All it needs is a burning desire to gain muscles quickly.


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