Things didn’t go in Cerrone’s favour at UFC Vancouver. But the ‘Cowboy’ was his happy self at the post fight press conference.

The fight with Gaethje was Cerrone’s 50th fight and he made it very clear that he was not ready to being done. Cerrone said, ”I want fifty [wins]!” Cerrone exclaimed. “Fifty is the number I want, so I’ve got new for my coaches and corners: There’s going to be a lot more ups and downs and sidewaysies. When you’re winning, everyone wants to know, ‘What are you doing so special that you win?’ And then when you lose, everyone’s like, ‘What didn’t you do?’ Nothing, man. I trained hard. I trained my ass off. It just didn’t work out, so we’re going to go to the drawing board and we’re going to fix these things.”

”Like I said, I love this and I’m not going anywhere. This isn’t a fight where ‘Ah man, I’m thinking about retirement, guys.’ I’m gonna go home, I’m gonna … maybe work on head movement, something. Whatever shot he got me with. And I’m gonna call, I’m gonna get another fight scheduled, and you’re gonna see me again, we’re gonna be talking in this scrum again and I’m gonna be like ‘Man, I f**kin’ love this. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.’

“I’m going to get the belt, it’s going to happen,” Cerrone said. “I guess I just slid down the rung a little bit, but I’m going to come back, I’m gonna to train hard, and I’m going to get it. It’s the last thing I’ve got to do with my legacy. You can have the greatest legacy in the world but if I don’t have a belt it just falls a little short. So now, me, reflecting on everything, that’s one thing I want.”

Will he be crushed if he doesn’t pull it off?

”Nah. I tried,” he said. “It’s something I can teach my boy. Man, I tried. I gave it hell, baby.



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