It is everyone’s dream to be known as an MMA fighter with lots of victories in your career. Actually achieving such an incredible feat in life needs lots of focus, practice, commitment, hard training and of course good cardiovascular strength. The first MMA fight in any fighter’s life is a scary, confusing and nerve-racking experience. Pursuing an MMA fighting career is not easy, there are hours and hours of practice involved in it and is considered to be one of the most challenging kinds of trainings amongst all sports.

Here we take a look at some useful tips that help you boost your chances of winning your first MMA fight:

Training Schedule:

It is very important to schedule your training regularly. Strict, hard and constant practice is the key to success for any MMA fighter. Various professional MMA fighters practice up to eight hours on a daily basis to enhance their fighting skills, so it’s obvious that focus and continuity will take far in MMA. Most MMA amateurs practice for about six months to a year prior to their first fight as this is the minimum time it will take to get familiar with the basic skills required for your first fight.

Where to Start?

MMA contests are considered to be the best platforms to help beginners take the first step. These contests help you to learn and examine your skills without too much pressure or danger of injury. In these contests, all beginners follow the rules that are set under permitted grappling, striking and takedown rules where no strikes are allowed on the head. MMA contests give amateur fighters an experimental and learning platform where they hone their individual fighting style. These contests are ideal for getting familiar with your strengths and weaknesses.

Preparation and Expectations from First MMA Fight:

The most significant thing for your first fight is to figure out what your fitness level is as your nerves will really reduce your energy levels and that obviously influences your fitness. Try to feel confident as all the practice you have done so far will be adequate to help you win this fight. A clear game plan will help lead you in the right direction and hopefully knockout your opponent.

What Next After Your First Fight:

Your first few fight experiences will make you feel confident, learn about your strengths and weaknesses and identify where you actually stand against your competitors. This will help you analyse your performance and figure out your mistakes for future fights.

No matter what the outcome of your fight is, try to keep yourself focused, motivated and continue working hard. Never forget your first fight as it is a defining moment in your life. Most importantly it is a learning experience and a good way to find out where you stand among other fighters.


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