The EMMAA Four nations Tournament has been a resounding success. Fighter Jack Humphries is going on to represent England in the IMMAF(International MMA Federation) European Championships at its next venue in Italy. Jack got an extremely impressive win over his opponent for a Gold Featherweight Title. His pinpoint striking and well utilized grappling made him an outclass performer for English Mixed Martial Arts. RDX took a small interview into the brilliant mindset behind this versatile striker.

The Interview

1. How long have you been doing MMA?

My martial arts journey is different than most others. I started training jiu jitsu at age 11, having great success competing. Winning the no-Gi British champion and many other competitions. I also trained all aspects of martial arts everyday. I was always in the gym as a child, along side my younger brothers. However when I was around 15 years old and had time off due to going down a dark path. I started a plumbing apprenticeship, done a year doing that. Got back in to MMA training nights. And now a year later, I’m back doing what I love. 4-0 Four nations champion and fighting for AFC title in 3 weeks, also a team England Athlete (EMMAA) and training with best guys in country. 

2. What does it mean for you to be a fighter?

Being a fighter means everything to me. It’s my lifestyle, my passion, also my career. But without MMA,… I wouldn’t like to think about where I would be.

3. What holes do you see in your next opponent’s game?

He is a jiu jitsu guy. That is it. He can’t wrestle me, can’t strike with me, And my jiu jitsu is high level. I’m a student under professor Bradley Hill, there’s no way he can beat me.


4. Is your well roundedness as a fighter because of your teammates and sparring partners or did you work on that specifically with a coach?

My well roundness is due to my coaches in the aspect that I’m an all round MMA fighter. My striking coach Vaughn Lee UFC veteran and just a legend, has evolved my MMA striking and with Vaughn I’m always improving. Jake Hadley my team mate also my coach pushes me everyday passing all his knowledge and experience on to me, he has evolved me as a mixed martial artist, also improved my fight IQ immensely. My wrestling coach is the best in the game, Kamby Banger. 100 percent the very best in the country and Kaish my Thai boxing coach. Bradley Hill my jiu jitsu coach. All have contributed to me being an all rounded fighter. I have got the best coaches and team in the country, and it shows. Also my team mates who push me everyday. On the mat and bringing the best out in me, Fearless MMA is the best place in the country for flyweight/ bantamweight.

5. Any advice for up and comers?

My advice to up and comers… Would be if you want to fight and make a career out of MMA you have to be a million percent in. You have to make MMA your life and be dedicated to the sport also the best piece of advice I could give is believe in yourself believe you can do it and always look to improve. The England MMA association is a great way pathway.   


6. What does Move, Improve, Evolve mean to you?

Move improve and evolve means to me firstly move I’d take this as always move forward. Win or lose. Move forward. Improve and don’t dwell on losses however don’t slow down even if you keep getting the win. Evolve means a lot to me as I am always trying to evolve as a martial artist and feel like I have massively the past year. I soak in all the knowledge I can possibly get passed to me. Also evolve as a athlete fight by fight .

7. Who is your biggest inspiration? 

My biggest inspiration are by far Vaughn lee and Jake Hadley. Vaughn and Jake have always believed in me and pushed me to improve. Also Vaughn is a UFC veteran and a pioneer he has learnt me a lot in martial arts and life. He is a true mixed martial artist and a unreal coach. Jake Hadley is my other inspiration. He is a 2x world champion and still had to claim his UFC place on Dana whites contender series. And all this fighting out of Birmingham, fearless, MMA, the dedication, and the things he has achieved is truly inspiring. He is a true athlete, martial artist and I shall do my best to follow in his footsteps. Also I used to watch Jakes career then Vaughn introduced me by taking me up to spar. Since then I have spent everyday in the gym alongside Jake. Fearless team I really owe it all to Vaughn and Jake.

RDX was extremely impressed with the willpower mindset and determination of this fighter coming into the EMMAA matches. Jack Humphries delivered above expectations and has only great fights ahead of him.


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