Though year didn’t open well for Joseph Parker as he relinquished his title to the reigning boxing champ Anthony Joshua, he left Cardiff with his head and hopes high. The New Zealander appeared a strong resistance against the unbeaten boxing prodigy, forcing him to go distance for the first time in pro career. His ferocious fight against the beast of boxing and his subsequent humble defeat has earned him a reputable spot in the top league of boxing.

Currently, the New Zealander is faced with even a tougher battle as he steps out of his comfort zone into a realm that is particularly unknown to a player of his caliber. Now, he is faced with the intimidating task of proving his mettle in order to inch closer to an accolade he deeply craves for, something that seems more difficult than getting an “L” marked on his otherwise clean record. The loss at the hands of AJ brought the New Zealander more fame than a win would have done; however he is again at the crossroads of an undecided future. One way leads to heavyweight summit, while the other to fall from grace.  

Though his loss got him worldwide recognition, it is a defeat that he regrets. He doubts his performance that phenomenal fight. According to the New Zealander,

“I have learned from that fight. I was not aggressive enough and I wasn’t mongrel enough.”

Now he wants to up his performance and probably get over his remorse by inflicting some lethal damage to Dillian Whyte in in their upcoming encounter in O2 Arena. The fighter spoke of his upcoming fight,

“If I don’t hurt him, he is going to hurt me. I want to go out and smash his body and head and exchange punches and whoever lands the cleanest shot should get the knock-out.”

If Lupesoliai La’auli is looking to realize his dream of battling against AJ, then he needs to raise his bar. His last encounter, though well-fought, made his lose points and if he follows the same route, he could face music again.

There is more than a win against Whyte in his path to heavyweight summit. There are many notable names in the division such as Tyson Fury, which he is ready to take on. According to Parker,

 “I wouldn’t mind Bellew,Tyson Fury, I want to be the fighter who fought everyone, all the best in the world.”

The talented boxer went on to add,

“Tyson is very friendly and I respect him as one of the best of our time, while he was champion but when he gets back in shape I want to challenge him and test myself against him.”

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