Fan-favorite lightweight Justin Gaethje plans to fight Conor McGregor and has revealed his interest.

Conor McGregor also revealed that he was planning his return in UFC within July. That plan was cut short due to a thumb injury. Gaethje appreciates the opportunity to face off against Mr. notorious himself but first the fighter must win the prior bout. Gaethje is set to face off against Cowboy ‘Donald Cerrone’ on September 15th main event. The contender explained his excitement for the big match “Cowboy’s number 4 and he’s (McGregor) number 3”.


McGregor has been making the headlines but for all the wrong reasons. The recent bar-punch incident has reduced his popularity dangerously. The fighter made a list of preferred opponents which he revealed in an interview. Fighters within that list are targeting McGregor for a big money fight to defame him even in the Octagon. In this context, Gaethje appreciates that McGregor is trying to return “he’s trying to get back”. McGregor was already popular as a fan-favorite fighter and Gaethje wants to take the spotlight. In a statement he confirmed “he’s the biggest superstar in the sport, he’s still the biggest superstar”. Fans are excited to see Gaethje climb the lightweight ladder and becoming the title holder.



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