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The Russian MMA artist finally got a chance to trample upon his American rival following a series of disappointments for the MMA fans. After the main even was set to be featuring Khabib v Holloway, with only six days’ time at the featherweight player’s disposal, the weigh-ins brought forward an unexpected twist of turns. Holloway was deemed medically unfit to face off “the Eagle”, scrapping off his chance to be the second player to hold two honours from different MMA divisions following McGregor.  This called for the last-minute mad rush and after considering two other players, American Al Iaquinta made it to the main card. Though the replacement was made, the victory would not bring the title to the New Yorker, as his scale showed a meagre high of 0.2 pounds.

The Dagestan Eagle pre-fight week was no less than a roller-coaster ride. After surviving a futile attempt by his rival McGregor by attacking his bus, and three different artists to strategize against, the Russian strode to the top as the unanimous champ of the most challenging division of MMA. On the other hand, the American realtor had no more than one day’s time to survive the one of the best fighter in this world. Here’s how the night unfolded:

Round 1

Though the New Yorker starts to hop off impressively in the cage, the Eagle gets hold off his opponent in his second takedown attempt, gluing him to the mat. The realtor shakes him off and manages to stand up, yet to be forced back to the mat again by Nurmagomedov. Khabib keeps the American trapped in his position just two minutes before the round ends. The Russian attacks with left hands despite his rivals efforts to escape the lock. The last 20 seconds of the round are quite promising for the Ragin’ Al as he manages to stay upright.

MMA round score 10-8

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Round 2

In the second round Iaquinta tries to keep as low without committing to serious attacks. Though he makes occasional moves, he is pretty harmless as the Russian dives for his ankle trying to pin him to the floor. The move by the Dagestanian fails; however, he attacks again, this time triumphant. Ragin’ Al tries to free himself. But, his efforts go in vain as the Russian attacks him with arm-triangle choke. The last 45 seconds in the round see Iaquinta kneel down burying his chin.

MMA round score 10-8

Round 3

The realtor throws some punches and jabs, but the Russian doesn’t seem fazed at all as he continues to circle the last-minute replacement opponent. In response the Eagle places his jabs, when he deems suitable leaving the realtor in a gruesome mess, as blood gushes out from his nose. Though Iaquinta is still on the march by the end of round 3, Khabib seems to have shot forward impressive blows.

MMA round score 10-9

Photo: RDX A4 Pro Sparring Gloves


Round 4

The round opens by stirring up the fight, as Iaquinta manages to evade the Russian’s takedown attempt. The Eagle goes on jabbing the New Yorker consistently; however, Iaquinta makes a candid shot making the head of his unbeaten rival turn. Ragin’ Al continues to march forward on Nurmagomedov by, placing jabs on him. The last 10 seconds of the round witness the American artist shooting jabs and punches, accounting for his best efforts thus far against his unrivaled opponent.

MMA round score 10-9

Round 5

Though the American still continues to strike hits on the Russian eagle, his frame doesn’t let his punches reach for the latter’s chin, while Nurmagomedov continues to bombard his bloodied frame with electrifying jabs. As Iaquinta denies takedown by the Russian at the fence, the Dagestanian starts to chase his opponent across the cage with heavier punches. Khabib manages to take a back mount, but the New Yorker rolls through. Nurmagomedov stays atop Iaquinta despite his repeated attempts to escape.

MMA round score 10-9

Official Result: Khabib defeats Iaquinta by unanimous decision.


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