Khabib vs. McGregor is the new talk of MMA town. All the buzzing noise of the upcoming bouts has shushed to the tune of headliner event of UFC 229.  With the fight nearing, anxiety and fervor mount up on MMA fans and pundits, as the social networks are flooded with in-depth analysis and comments about the likely implications of the inimical bout.

With fighters and MMA notable names vying for who the king of lightweight summit is going to be, so are the two powerhouses prepping up their knacks. Some renowned names of the league are aspiring for McGregor to sit on the throne on more time, while others are viewing Nurmagomedov as the most destructive artist in MMA.

And former World Champion Kickboxer and Founder AKA Javier Mendez thinks precisely on the latter lines.

While voicing his opinions about the upcoming Khabib vs. McGregor, this is what the American coach said,

“I’m of the belief that Khabib’s mental strength is so strong that I personally feel that he’s never going to lose. I really don’t — I don’t think he’s ever going to lose. He’s going to find whatever he needs to do to win, whether he does it my way or does it his way, he’s going to find a way to win and that’s just what he does.”

Mendez believes that Nurmagomedov’s caliber is beyond accepting defeat. His uncommon attributes of dexterity and high endurance make him defy loss. Which precisely means that he would be on the giving end of dispatching defeat in the upcoming fight – to none other but bitter rival Conor McGregor.

The American coach further went to add badges of physical strength and mental prowess on the Russian artist’s chest.  According to Javier,

“I’m not going to have to worry about keeping [Nurmagomedov] in check. He is so mentally strong that it’s not going to be an issue at all. Like I said, Conor is going to press his buttons, but it doesn’t matter. I believe Khabib is going to stay cool throughout the whole thing.”

The Head Coach further explained,

“He’s going to dish it out as good as he gets it, and trust me, Conor’s going to give it to him because Conor is master at playing the game. He’s going to find an equal mental sparring partner as well as physical. This fight is going to be mental and physical, outside the fight and inside the fight, they’re both going to fight for the advantages.”

Do you think that the undefeated champion would add one more loss to Conor’s resume? Share your opinions here.


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