When you think of injuries in sports, it’s safe to assume that boxing holds the title of being the most dangerous. However, following a recent meeting between the Prince of Wales and Amir Khan, it seems that Polo is in fact the sport for the macho. This revelation came about after the Prince revealed that he had sustained more injuries than the former welterweight champion.

The Olympic silver medallist, has notably found himself with more surface wounds, as a result of some of his most infamous fights; which seem small in comparison to the number of broken bones suffered by Prince Charles.

In a catalogue of injuries, including his back, knee, shoulder bones and ribs, the Prince famously spent several nights in hospital in 1990, after falling from a pony during a game of polo and badly breaking his right arm as a result. He then faced follow up treatment, which included have a metal plate inserted into his arm, to replace a bone that hadn’t healed properly. 2005 saw the end of his polo career.

With a less extensive list, Khan claims to have had suffered fractures to his hands during his matches, but has otherwise avoided serious injury.

The boxer, originally from Bolton met the Prince in Sunderland, during a casual event where teenagers help older people learn about social media, held by the National Citizen Service.

During an interview shortly after, Khan said:

“He is a very nice guy. I have met him two or three times before and he seems like a boxing fan.

“We had a bit of a chat about boxing and we had a chat about his polo and how many injuries we’d had.

“He’d had more injuries in that than I have in boxing. It shows you can get injured in all sports.”

During their meeting, Khan was quick to show the prince a tweet as he sent it to his 1.5 million followers, about the royal visit.


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