It’s high time you kiss your unsightly companion goodbye.

The sound of the term “love handles” lets your imagination run wild, making you believe that it is an attractive part of your body that might be your prized possession. But the reality is far away from this. The fat that bulges out just above the hips is a love companion most guys don’t want to hang around with.

Love handles have many reasons to be there. Perhaps you have put on weight or maybe your body type supports some fat around your hips. Whatever the reason, your love handles consist of subcutaneous fat that lies beneath your skin – and they are there to stay for some time.

The good thing about love handles is that the type of fat they are composed of isn’t as dangerous as the visceral fat that is present in your belly. Getting rid of love handles isn’t very easy; however, you don’t have to employ measures such as freezing or burning.

You can conveniently kiss your unsightly companions a goodbye by tweaking your workouts and lifestyle a bit. Following tips tell you how to.


High Interval Training or HIIT is especially useful for targeting love handles as compared to steady state cardio. Rather than running for hours, its best to incorporate a HIIT workout and focus on your work and rest periods to get rid of that fat.

You can consider using a jump rope or engage into lifting weights.

Workout: After warming up, perform hard exercise for 20 seconds followed by 40 seconds of rest. Follow the same pattern for 8 times. End the workout with 5 minutes of cool down exercise.

Don’t Bulk On Cardio

Your unsightly spare tire won’t budge if you are performing steady state cardio like running for an extended period. There is a big reason for this. Most guys are already skinny fat and they try to aim love handles with cardio only, which makes them even skinner without budging the fat in those areas.

Re-Assess Your Ab Routine

If you wish to target your love handles then crunches is not meant for you. With this type of workout you only target muscles located near your lower spine.

Rather you should consider engaging into workouts that help you achieve spinal stability such as hollow body holds and planks.

Bulk On Other Areas While Toning Your Love Handles

While your goal is to lose weight around your midsection, incorporate workouts that will help you build up on other body areas such as lats, traps, pecs and deltoids. Bigger body parts will automatically give your midsections – especially your love handles an illusion of being smaller.

The question arises, how to lose weight and build on muscle at the same time? It takes the right combination of diet, exercise and consistency in your program.

Say No To Processed Foods

This can’t be stressed enough. If you are looking to lose fat especially in your midsection than you need to cut on processed foods. Choose healthier, natural food options over products that can be prepared easily.


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