Manny Pacquiao is known to be a humble man yet unbridled confidence is radiating of him when the topic of his fight against Floyd Mayweather comes up. Pacquiao admits he is confident of knocking Mayweather of his perch on May 2 when the two meet at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

Pacquiao recently revealed that he stares deep down into eyes of every single one of his opponents at red carpet stare down before the fight. Pacquiao further stated that he got his chance to do so with Mayweather at the pre-fight press conference and from that opportunity he was able to assess a couple of important things.

In an interview with Philboxing, the Filipino congressman said, “I could see fear in Floyd’s eyes. His downfall looms on the horizon. This coming May 2, God will deliver him into my hands.”

Pacquiao’s ferocity seems to be growing day by day. The fire in Pacquiao is being fueled by many factors. For instance, he is on the short end of the stick when it comes to the purse split and he had to agree to stringent drug-testing. Pacquiao claimed to see such fear in the eyes of his last three opponents and he won all three of those fights by unanimous decision.

Pacquiao understands that such emotions can only tantamount to hatred. Pacquiao last saw such fiery emotions in the eyes of Juan Manual Marquez.

The ‘Pac Man’ said, “I could see in his eyes that he hates me so much for knocking him down thrice during our first encounter and for handing him the defeat in our two succeeding fights.”

And that hate turned into a punch that eventually KO’d one of the most prolific boxers in history. The eight-division champion has assured that unlike Mayweather, he is afraid of nothing; bringing his growing up in the streets of Philippines as a reference.

Whether or not the ‘Money Man’ is scared, it may not be farfetched to suggest that he might be a tad bit intimidated; hence the all organic training diet.


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