While MMA and Boxing fans thought the two eidolons of the sport were over with their year-old conflict, a new controversy regarding Conor McGregor and his seemingly sour relationship with boxing’s unbeaten Floyd Mayweather ignited a fresh debate in the digital world.

Mayweather was generous enough to offer Conor his gold mine. Money offered the Irishman to play at his boxing club in Las Vegas, while praising McGregor’s caliber. This is what the 41-year-old had to say about the MMA artist,

“I don’t really have a prediction [for UFC 229] because I’ve never seen the guy fight that’s facing Conor McGregor—from what I know he’s a hell of a guy that’s on the ground—hell of a grappler—and he can wrestle. But, the fans want to see you stand up and fight. That’s what the fans like to see. But, Conor McGregor, he’s a tough competitor, like I said before Conor McGregor’s not gonna back down from anyone, he’s not scared, he’s a warrior.”

The American Pretty Boy went on to add,

“I know that UFC got a training facility but we’d like for him to work out at the Mayweather Boxing Club.”

It seemed like the boxer was extending a hand for friendship to the Notorious, which he blatantly shrugged aside. The Irishman responded to Mayweather in a manner that would definitely strain the ties between the two – a trait that he doesn’t shy away from exhibiting.

This is what Conor had to say in response,

“Fuck the Mayweathers, except Senior and Roger. There is no peace here kid. Step up or step down.”

With this kind of response to a kind offer, anyone could have backfired. Mayweather responded to McGregor’s profane remarks in an Instagram post.

“Easiest 9 figures I ever made. All work is what?”

While it seemed that the rivalry between the two bests of MMA and Boxing was over, the recent turn in events clearly indicates that their beef is still cooking.

What do you think about Mayweather’s response to McGregor? Leave your comments below.


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