In contrast to earlier reports suggesting the Floyd Mayweather Jr. will hang up his gloves after locking horns with Manny Pacquiao in the‘Fight of the Century’ on 2nd May at MGM Arena Las Vegas, it can now be reported that the undefeated US professional pugilist and the pound-for-pound is reportedly interest in having more bouts.

Rumours suggest Mayweather wants to linger a bit longer in hopes of putting a new record on his already full mantelpiece. Mayweather Jr. is only three victories away from breaking the stunning record of Rocky Marciano, who remained unbeaten in 49 bouts. Mayweather’s bold decision to have a face-off with the eight division world champion Pacquiao can prove to be very lethal for his reputation and unbeaten career.

In a media statement, Mayweather stated that he had no prior intention to reignite the discussion about the fight with Pacquiao until they met in Miami during a basketball game. It was all because of that meeting which led Team Mayweather and Team Pacquiao to come to a table for talks which ended up in a deal between the two living legends.

Mayweather stated that he was balancing the preparations of the fight with his daily life and focusing on what he would normally focus on.

“I can’t live my life for anyone else,” added Mayweather.

Mayweather also said that there are no possible chances of a rematch. He said that he has faced all the big names in the contemporary boxing world and successfully taken all of them down. He is hoping to continue his steak of victory and take down Pacquiao and then move on to another opponent


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