Michael Bisping, who currently ranks in at 9 in UFC’s middleweight category, claims to be in prime form in the hunt for his elusive UFC title. The English mixed martial artist who has been a Cage Warrior world champion in the light heavyweight category claims to he will not only bring entertainment to his fans but the middleweight title at UFC 186.

Bisping’s fight with CB Dolloway has made it from the undercard to the main event after the bout between Fabio Maldonado and Quinton Jackson got cancelled following the emergence of Quinton’s contract dispute in court. The fight was supposed to be the heart of UFC 186, but its cancellation paved way for Bisping and Dolloway to make it to the headline.

UFC 186 is only a week away and Bisping is all geared up bring back the gallantry and bravery a younger him showed in the ring at the beginning of his career. UFC 186, which is starting from 25th April in Montreal at Quebec, is going open new doors of opportunity for Bisping. The title-less veterans has been unlucky with Lady Luck. From adversaries on performance-enhancing drug to losing important games, Bisping’s crown has only been a dream.

Bisping has had several attempts at the UFC middleweight title, but with no luck. The last few years have seen him reach a new level of title-craziness. Bisping has participated in 25 mixed martial arts fights so far and lost seven of them. Among the 25 fights 15 were in the UFC and all seven losses also came in the same platform.

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Bisping’s career has faced several ups and downs since his debut in the UFC middleweight category. It all started after his bout against Chris Leben. Bisping won the fight; however, it was later revealed that Leben used prohibited drug namely stanozolol. Despite using the performance enhancing-drug, Bisping won the bout and was in contention for the title. The consequent fight was set with Henderson, but the title eliminator fight saw Bisping on the ropes and on the losing side..

Three years later Bisping once again had the chance to get into a title fight. This time round he had a showdown against Chael Sonnen in another title eliminator fight. However, fate did not favor him and Bisping lost the bout. UFC 186 is rejuvenating hopes for Bisping to deliver a remarkably outstanding performance starting his journey for the title once again.

We are hopeful, but Bisping is yet to show potential for a title shot. Bisping is training hard for the upcoming event and claims to be in the best form of his life. However, his performance in the ring against Dolloway at UFC 186 will define the future of his Mixed Martial Arts career.


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