Following MMA workout is based on the fitness regime followed by Sage Northcutt. The 22-year-old American artist is currently competing in UFC’s lightweight division. A budding MMA fighter, Sage performs this workout quickly without compromising the smile on his face. His style is based on applying force.  However, when you try this workout at your home, you’ll feel that MMA burn that has been missing from your life for quite some time. The regime comprises of lifting weights with many repetitions to build speed and explosiveness while improving the mechanism of push and pull.

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Exercise # 1 – Sumo Deadlift

Sets/Reps: 3/5

Target Muscle: Hamstring


Stand with your feet far wide almost below your collars. Now pick up a barbell that has already been loaded, bending your hips. Make sure that your arms are right below your shoulders while you pick the bar with any grip of your choice; hook, mixed or pronated. Now lengthen your arms by relaxing your shoulders.

Taking a deep breath move your hips lower whilst looking ahead with your chest raised up. Spread your feet even further placing the weight on the back of the feet. Pull up the bar crossing the knees and hips. When the bar reaches your knee-level bring together your shoulder blades by moving back driving your hips into the bar. Now put back the bar on the ground slowly bending at your hips.

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Exercise # 2 – Barbell Curl

Sets/Reps: 3/8

Target Muscle: Biceps

Stand upright with a barbell in your hands with a shoulder-wide grip. Keep the elbows close to your body and your palms facing forward. This is your starting position. Only move your forearms curling the weights and contracting your biceps while breathing out.

 Keep on with the movement to fully contract your biceps, until the bar is right at shoulder level. Stay in this position for 5 seconds squeezing your contracted biceps. Now breathe in gradually bringing the bar back to the initial position.


You can increase the impact of this workout by using a few variations in this exercise. You can hook a straight bar attachment to a low pulley to give your biceps added contraction. You can also use different grips to add more benefits.

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Exercise # 3 – Chin Up

Sets/Reps: 3/10

Target Muscle: Lats

Hold a pull-up bar with your hands closer than your shoulder with your palms turned towards your chest. With your both hands extended forward holding the bar keep your upper body straight while forming a curve with your lower back thrusting your chest forward. Keeping your upper body straight helps in targeting your biceps without affecting the back.

Photo: RDX F12 Training MMA Grappling Gloves

Breathing out, start pulling up your upper body until your head reaches at the bar’s level. Focus on your biceps’ movement keeping your elbows close to your chest. While performing the move, your upper body should be stationary while you flex your arms. The forearms should be engaged only in holding the bar.

Hold the position for 5 seconds squeezing your biceps. Then slowly move your torso back to the starting position while breathing in and extending your arms to the fullest.


Beginners who feel difficulty performing a pull-up can use a pull-up assist machine. They help in pushing your weight while doing pull-ups. On the other hand, expert lifters can add to its impact by using weight belts that allow addition of weight plates.


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