Welcome to a brand new chapter – A brand New Year. As resolutions buzz around, let’s cut through the noise and get real about what matters the most, what takes precedence– your well-being!

So, there are those workouts all over the place: Generic workouts? That was a matter of the past. This time, we are kicking off the year with a resolution that sticks – crafting a fitness routine tailored to your individual goals and preferences.

No more settling for the “one-size-fits-all” approach to resolutions. Your journey is personal, and your fitness routine should reflect that. Imagine a workout plan that aligns perfectly with your aspirations, pushing you towards the best version of yourself. It’s not just about hitting the gym; it’s about sculpting a lifestyle that flows with YOU.

Bye bye to the frustration of resolutions that fizzle out by February. This year, let’s focus on the resolution that lasts – the commitment to a fitness journey that’s uniquely YOURS. Get ready to sweat, smile, and transform.

Understanding Personalised Workout Plans

Personalised workout plans come with benefits that you can’t expect from general plans. Here is what you get from your very own personalised new year fitness routine:


Ever felt the struggle to drag yourself to the gym? No shame, lack of motivation is real! A personalised plan transforms that dread into excitement. Aligning workouts with your own particular goals and choosing your own workout routine provides a daily dose of motivation, turning each session into a step toward your aspirations.


One-size-fits-all actually fits no one. It’s terrible to be following a routine that doesn’t consider your specific aspirations. Customisation is the answer! Customisation isn’t just about fitting exercises to your body; it’s about fitting them into your life seamlessly. Craft your routine around what you love, and suddenly, working out isn’t a task – it’s an anticipated part of your day.

Choose what you love, and follow at your own pace!


Workout is fun, but not in the long run! That can change when you start tailoring your plan to your interests. Whether it’s trying a new sport, dance, or workout style, you can turn each session into an adventure.

You’ll be excited to be doing things you love, and that’s the best thing in the fitness world!

Mind-Body Harmony

A personalised routine isn’t a tug of war between what you love and what you must do! A personalised fitness  routine allows you to do what you love at all times! It creates harmony, fostering a deeper connection. It’s not just about physical gains; it’s about feeling the mental benefits as well. A workout that resonates with you is a journey that invigorates both your body and soul.

A tailored workout plan is what you’ll keep following. It has a bigger chance of being completed than all your New Year resolutions. So, this is the resolution you should be focusing on this year!

Essential Workout Gear for Diverse Training

Like any other workout routine, your personalised workout plan requires fitness gear. If you are looking to trim your body or build more muscles, but your ultimate love is combat sports, here are a few things that can bring your love to your training sessions:

Punching Bags

Punching bags aren’t just for boxers. They’re your ticket to a high-intensity cardio workout and strength training. Sure, they hone your punching techniques, build endurance, and allow you to perfect your skills, but they also burn lots of stubborn calories, shedding those much-loathed pounds! Feel the adrenaline as you jab and cross your way to a fitter, more powerful you.

Hand Wraps

Punch your way to fitness, but not without proper protection. Hand wraps aren’t just accessories; they’re your armour against training wear and tear. They protect your hands against the massive punching impact and allow you a better grip under your gloves.

Wrap up, train hard, and protect those hands for a lasting, impactful workout.

Focus Mitts/Thai Pads

Bring precision to your training with our focus mitts and Thai pads. They’re not just targets; they’re your allies in improving accuracy and technique and taking your skills to the next level.


Sparring or intense training? Safety comes first. You can’t keep taking blows to your head in the name of strength-building or endurance. It’s downright dangerous!

Sturdy headgear is your trusty companion, ensuring you face every challenge with confidence. Guarding against impacts, headguard is the shield you absolutely need!


Training as a combatant comes with significant risks. You can get your teeth flying out of your mouth if a jab lands right on point! Wear your protective RDX mouthguard in all cases of training!

They’re essential for shielding your teeth and jaws, letting you train and spar with confidence.

Skipping Rope

Want agility and endurance? Meet your new best friend: the skipping rope. It’s not just a childhood pastime; it’s a serious workout tool, boosting your heart rate and enhancing your agility.

With cardio workouts, you burn calories and work your way to weight loss. Plus, it helps build endurance, which comes in handy when you need to withstand the pressure of a long match.

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Kicking Shields and Shin Pads

Perfect those kicks! Kicking shields and pads are designed to help you develop powerful kicking techniques. Elevate your training and feel the impact. Protecting your shins is non-negotiable when you are kicking to glory.

RDX shin guards offer the support you need during intense training sessions. Train with confidence, knowing your shins are safe and sound.

These are some of the accessories that you need to have on your New Year shopping list because these are the tools to take you to the realisation of this year’s fitness resolution.

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Crafting a Personalised Workout Plan

Crafting your personalised fitness routine isn’t all about buying a bundle of fitness gear; it’s about creating a fitness routine that aligns with your reality and your future goals. It is so appealing, and it is the latest fitness trend because it puts YOU at the centre, and the fitness routine revolves around who you really are.

Here is how to craft a REAL personalised New Year fitness routine:

1. Your Body Composition

Whether you’re a striker, grappler, or all-rounder, your body composition shapes a plan that optimises your strength, agility, and endurance for the ring.

What if you are boxing or doing martial arts just to lose weight and have a certain shape? Figure out the area that needs work done. Buy your gear according to your needs and start practising to perfect your strengths and eradicate your weaknesses.

2. Your Abilities

Combat is as diverse as your abilities. Tailor your plan to amplify your strengths and refine your techniques. Train and find out what you can do easily and what seems like a task. These are the essentials when you are crafting a workout plan.

You must know your physical abilities and then build your workout plan around your strengths and weaknesses. This information will guide you about not just the exercises but also the gear you need.

3. Your Current Level of Fitness

Every warrior has a starting point. Your personalised fitness routine acknowledges your current fitness level, ensuring a steady progression. It’s not about blindly pushing boundaries; it’s about evolving at a pace that aligns with your combat aspirations.

Your fitness journey is a battle against your own limitations, and a specifically tailored workout plan equips you with the arsenal to conquer them. That’s the reality of a personalised fitness plan.

Safety and Maintenance Tips

Safety first, and here’s how to ensure that:

Prior to any intense training, ensure a thorough warm-up. Limber up your muscles and joints to prevent strains or injuries during your workout.

Whether it’s striking the bag or practising kicks, focus on correct form. The proper technique not only enhances your skills but also minimises the risk of injuries.

Don’t rush into heavy bag work or intense sparring without building up gradually. You may be desperate to get to your goals, but progression allows your body to adapt, reducing the likelihood of overuse injuries.

Utilise the appropriate protective gear for your training intensity. From headgear to mouthguards, invest in safety equipment to shield yourself during practice.

Stay hydrated throughout your training session. Proper hydration supports endurance and helps prevent muscle cramps.

Listen to your body. If you’re fatigued or experiencing discomfort, it’s okay to take a break. Pushing yourself beyond your limits can lead to injuries.


In the universe of combat sports, where every move is a testament to skill and dedication, your journey deserves a plan as unique as your fighting spirit. Crafting a personalised fitness plan is not just a choice; it’s the key to unlocking your full potential.

By tailoring your workouts to your abilities and choices, you’re not just exercising; you’re sculpting a path to peak performance. It’s about acknowledging where you are, respecting where you’ve been, and envisioning where you aim to go.

So, warriors, embrace this tailored approach, for in it lies the power to become the best version of yourself.

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