Based on what your definition of pain is, leg day workout is highly celebrated either because it causes immense pain or simply gives you a reason to pump more iron. But many athletes don’t take into consideration that leg day follows a particular pattern that targets all lower body parts with equal impact.

In order to increase the effect more on certain areas, you can add in a bit of variation to the conventional workout. If you are looking to get protruding quads, an alternating leg workout that would focus on quads and then on hamstrings and glutes would get you the desired thickness you are looking to get rather than plainly sticking to a single workout.

So how can you get your quads all fired up? Here are a few tweaks to the traditional leg day workout that would get your protruding thighs.

Variation # 1

  • Start with squats to get more pressure on your quads by targeting your hams and glutes, move forward your gravitational center.
  • For this purpose, it’s better that you opt for a front squat rather than choosing barbell back squat.
  • With a front squat, more pressure is placed on the quads as you exert more effort to keep the body in a straight position.

Variation # 2

  • Though quite challenging to perform, squatting on a board or plates would cause your center of gravity to shift.
  • This means that your knees would go further than your toes, a position difficult to manage for people who suffer from knee or joint problems.

 Variation # 3

  • Leg presses and hack squats with lower foot placement can cause your knees to move forward than your toes.
  • More pull in the knees would extend to the muscles that join them; in this case the quads.

Variation # 4

  • Exhaust your quad muscles with this pre-workout formula. Reverse the traditional multi-joint exercises to a single joint move and you can tire out your quads. Consider leg extensions first.
  • Perform your squats. Though you’ll be removing the load, you still have activated your quads and they would be working extra now.
  • When your set ends, be sure that you particularly targeted your quads and not any other muscle group in your lower body.

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