This weekend American welterweight star Tryon Woodley would be defending his title against interim undefeated champion Darren Till as part of UFC 228 headliner event.  While many would witness a unique brawl between two top fighters with totally opposite statures, amongst the audience would be Brazilian artist Rafael dos Anjos, a welterweight division contender, watching the fight quite keenly.

While discussing the outcome of the fight, RDA said that it basically depended on whether the Liverpool native would be able to get his weight cut or not for 170 lb. division for UFC 228 event. Till has had problems with his weight cutting in his previous fight too, and this is precisely why Rafael thinks that he deserves title contention bout. However, the 33-year-old fighter thinks that Woodley would be able to retain his honor and belt his head-on collision with the division’s unbeaten artist.

This is what RDA said to the media about UFC 228 main card fight,

“I don’t agree with that, but he got his chance. Here’s what I think, if Till does not make weight and the fight happens, I think he’ll have a little advantage over Tyron. But I think that weight cut will be brutal on him, he’s a big boy. I met him, he’s a big guy and if he makes weight I give the fight for Tyron. If he does make 170, I think Tyron has a better chance, a lot more experience.”

The Brazilian fighter went on to add,

“It’s an MMA fight. Tyron is an intelligent fighter, he’s going to find out everything he needs to do when the fight starts. I think there could be a way, Darren Till if you strike with him, you’re going to put him in his comfort zone, but I think Tyron has a lot more main events, five-round fights, and I think that’s going to count to his advantage.”

While sharing his views about the most awaited fight of the year, Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov, this is what RDA said,

“Looking at the five-round fight, I think if Khabib put him down in the first round, I think he could get a finish. He’s gonna pound on him and he’s got good control, he’s going to lay on him, on top of him, and it’s gonna be a long night for Conor.”

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