Rafael Garcia, popular as the cutman to Floyd Mayweather, died on Tuesday at the age of 88.

Garcia was a regular fixture in Mayweather’s team and always by his corner. Mayweather changed the life of Garcia and his family from a financial standpoint.

Floyd was very close to him. He often referred to him as his grandfather. Undoubtedly, Floyd loved and respected him like one.

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How Garcia Died?

A swarm of bees stung him earlier this year. Just after a few months, he suffered a serious heart attack.

Floyd received a grim text message from Leonard Ellerbe on Sunday. His longtime hand wrapper and cutman Garcia was diagnosed with Leukemia.

He only had 6 months to live. Mayweather rushed towards his home in Las Vegas the same day.

Garcia left this world just after two days of Mayweather’s last visit. It looks like old Garcia was waiting to see Floyd for the last time.

“We have lost a beautiful person a true boxing icon! Rafael García,” says WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman.

Shining Career Of Garcia

Garcia had a record of helping 35 world champions. His boxing career spanned over a grand 70 years.

Garcia was close to many young fighters in his boxing year. Jessie Vargas was the one who delivered the news of his illness to Ellerbe.

 He was the corner member for Roberto Duran, Alexis Arguello, Wilfredo Gomez, and a dozen others.

His greatest job was to take care of Mayweather’s hands.

“He didn’t want none to get anywhere near (Floyd’s) hands,” Ellerbe said.

He also received an honor to be inducted into the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame back in August.

Mayweather Promotions paid tribute to their legendary team member on Twitter.

“Rafael Garcia you will be missed. You lived your life to the fullest, and you will be remembered for all your contributions to the sport of boxing. Let your soul rest with no more pain. Love always and forever your Mayweather Promotions family.”


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