The laws of the universe are simple-the type of energy you give out is what you attract. At RDX Sports we believe that every individual has a winner in them, willing to succeed against all odds, and this winner is what the AURA Series is aimed to bring out.

Gunsmoke black coupled with a flair of gold and pearl white, the series is a mix of your strength and our aim to bring out the best in you through our premium products. The range celebrates the inner champion that all of us channel when times get tough. Our values have always been to provide the best quality of products out there with affordable prices that leave a lasting impression on whoever uses it. The AURA series from RDX Sports is meant to channel that inner warrior so that the odds are in your favor in the cage. Just know that with our products, you won’t have to force what is real.



Designed to bring out your Champion’s Aura.

The future of boxing – is ‘ON’ your hands. Witness the biggest change in a pair of boxing gloves since the inception of the Queensbury Rules – 200 years ago. Hand-stitched using a patented combat leather, Kalix Skin is a vegan material that is laminated using a thin layer of foam that is Hepta-Fused together.

Material: A signature technique that hand-stitches 7 panels of leather to form a jacket fused together using our proprietary Kalix Skin.  Built to combat temperature fluctuations and withstands wear and tear for countless sessions.

Padding: This unique impact-busting mould greets shock-impact with a layer of compressed EVA and blacktop foam. The hammerhead base coupled with our signature NOVA TECH cut encompasses the knuckles with shock-diminishing padding that breaks down aggressively charged particles from searing through the glove. The durable hand-stitched shell uses multiple layers of laminated that serves as an added layer of padding over its shock-consolidating center.

Palm: The Flat Arc Radial Panel breaks charged molecules down through circular motion, dulling the intensity of any strike before it reaches the bones.

Wrist Strap: A high-quality mid-width cuff is easy to apply and consists of injected foam for added protection.


Reveal your inner truth

Without a doubt – the first major change in MMA gloves since the beginning of mixed martial arts. These hybrid-grappling gloves protect your hands while simulating real-life combat.

Material: Durable. Pliable. Handstitched. This engineered combat shell uses multiple layers of laminated that serves as an added layer of padding over its shock-consolidating center.

Padding: This patent mould protects against shock-impact through thick padding layers of EVA and blacktop foam. Designed to fortify against knuckle damage, our signature NOVA TECH cut intelligently consolidates impact by resolving charged particles within the gloves’ architecture.

Palm & Thumb: breaks charged molecules down through circular motion dulling the intensity of any strike before it reaches your anatomy. This translates into reduced chances of bone injury, conditioning the knuckles instead.

Wrist: Narrow extended hook-and-loop with additional strip provides wrist-support for safer punching and efficient force transfer. Longer than standard wrist-cuffs – ensure longer hours on the bag or dummy and increase punching power while striking on your feet or the ground.



Mixed martial arts fuses the most efficient and practical aspects of combat to create the perfect fighting form. These qualities are embodied in our latest Aura series. More than your ordinary pair of competition gloves, when you add Talon Tech to the mix, the advantage is almost unfair. Coupled with the Y-Molar architecture, ensure a vice-grip on anything you choose to grapple with.

Material: Turn some heads with the golden, pearl accents over a gunsmoke black. This combat leather combats wear and tear and adjusts according to fluctuating temperatures.

Padding: A slab of our trademark shock-diminishing gel lines over 1-inch of soft Supremo-Shock padding. The malleability of these grappling gloves allows easy conformation to the hand’s intricate movements. This minimizes the need for pre-contouring fist alignment, in-turn promising seamless punch formation.

Palm & Fingers: Endless trials and tests of countless architectural concepts lead us to a grappling glove that is ‘almost’ perfect. Talon-tech creates natural spacing between the webbing of your hands to form a talon-like vice-grip on the target of choice.

Wrist: Quick EZ hook and loop for a speedy, convenient fit.



Get your head, cheeks, and chin in the game. Protection without restriction means no holding back in the gym! The compact yet sturdy construction gives you all the security you need without disturbing your field of view.

Material: Handcrafted combat leather resists temperature change and fights against wear and tear giving this head guard the durability you need to keep your head in the game.

Padding: Absorbs impact efficiently dissipating impact throughout the product’s form for equal shock-distribution.

Inner material: It is made with sweat-wicking and antibacterial material for a cleaner, and dryer combat experience.

Wear: Hook-and-loop fastens your guard ensuring minimal to zero budge while the cushion at the back provides padding against potentially dangerous stray shots.




Muay Thai kickboxing and MMA require products that are uniquely suited for either sport. Not these shin guards. Built with versatility at its core, the sleek Tri-layered padding is handcrafted to bring you a pair of shin guards that’ll conform to your fighting style.

Material: The latest in combat leather using a signature stitching technique. Lightweight but sturdy outer is designed sleekly and can be used for seamless Muay Thai kickboxing or MMA grappling exchanges.

Padding: Cushions against shock impact dulling down aggressively charged molecules from traveling upwards through the shin guard. It has Supremo-Shock Foam™ padding that effectively dissipates the impact from reaching your anatomy.

Inner Material: Lined with moisture-wicking ability keep you dry and comfortable with a pleasant feel against the skin.

Wear: Quick-EZ™ double hook & loop closure promises a snug and comfortable fit.



How every Aura needs a vessel, every weapon needs a sheathe. Nothing is more symbolic of true greatness than the hand wrap. The Aura Mexican styled boxing hand wraps are made using 70{317a7769e272dec17b69bda26c6a5a4c5e6799efcd8a85f72cb552b76862c2b9} nylon and 30{317a7769e272dec17b69bda26c6a5a4c5e6799efcd8a85f72cb552b76862c2b9} cotton offering just enough slack per thread to snuggly wrap and compress the hand’s tiny bones into a rock-hard fist.

The wraps easily conform to your hand’s intricate movements without cutting blood supply or restricting mobility in any way. The result is two boulders ready to be thrown without fear of injury. Protect your weapons – sheathe them well.

Material: 70{317a7769e272dec17b69bda26c6a5a4c5e6799efcd8a85f72cb552b76862c2b9} nylon and 30{317a7769e272dec17b69bda26c6a5a4c5e6799efcd8a85f72cb552b76862c2b9} cotton translates to ample elasticity and comfortable fit to wrap up your fists.

Wear: Thumb loop is convenient to feed thumb through without cutting into the webbing of the hand, something commonly experienced in most wraps.

Wrist strap: Quick-EZ Hook-and-Loop efficiently attaches without losing form.



In combat, you need to protect what matters the most. A winning combination of Kalix combat leather paneled over a layer of EVA-LUTION padding shields your vital organs from a life-changing injury. The design allows unrestricted seamless movement that accentuates your fighting experience without hindering it.

Material: Handcrafted with tough combat leather that is tougher than nails, and softer than authentic leather.

Padding: A compressed sheet of EVA shields the vitals against shock-impact protecting the groin, kidneys, and abdomen.

Outer cup: Double layered closed-cell foam over a hard-shell plastic cup safeguards against low shots.

Wear: Hook and loop is attached to a wide elasticated band with ample give for ease of adjustment and comfort.



Made for pros and amateurs alike. Quality that will match your intensity strike by strike. Bring out your best boxing, Muay Thai or striking skills on a heavy bag designed to make you break a sweat. Bring out your inner fire with confidence knowing your punch bag is here to stay.

Material: RDX’s most durable of combat leathers is sturdy, resilient and deals with temperature fluctuations too.

Size: Comes in 4ft and 5ft length for all-purpose combat training.

Adjustment: Tether loop facility the bottom ensures that the bag does not sway unnecessarily.



Coach – fear no more, your hard-hitting bone-crunching athlete has met his/her match. Have your athletes go balls-to-the-wall knowing you’re safe and sound. The Aura chest guard is built like a tank with sturdy compressed padding, layered over the other to protect you’re the chest and ribs.

Material: Kalix Skin – Combat leather that not only protects the shock-absorbent center of this highly durable product, it also conforms to heat fluctuations picking up the slack, or offering it when the temperatures change.

Padding: The laminated hard shock-absorbent center is sandwiched with a soft foam padding that greets every strike with softness comparable to that of a pillow.

Inner padding: Thick, durable, and shock consolidating. The center of these chest guards is dense using closed-cell padding that offers a barrage of shock-absorbent padding.

Wear: Quick-EZ plastic buckle easily connects or disconnects and is adjustable too.


Your warrior will have to break a sweat to prove the athlete in him/her with these. No matter the speed, no matter the combo, these pads will get the prospect out from the playground and into the ring. Built to handle power punching, these focus pads contain an added Quick-EZ strap and a palm-dome to catch anything thrown at it without budging from your hands.

Material: Hand-crafted using our signature paneling technique. Combat wear and tear, temperature fluctuation, and your athlete’s strongest strike-through superior leather that won’t break, fold or tear anytime soon.

Padding: The mould is backed by EVA-LUTION foam padding to offer shock-absorbency that consolidates charged molecules within the design of the focus pads

Design: A ball inside the focus pads’ build assists in catching heavy strikes giving your athlete enough resistance to train both power and speed combos.

Wrist: Hook and loop strap allows comfort adjustability according to wrist size and decreases the chances of pad slipping off from a hard strike.




Kalix Skin armors the shock-absorbent contents of these indestructible Thai pads. Punch, kick, knee, elbow or heck throw the kitchen sink at it, these arm pads are here to stay long after your athletes have drained themselves without a dent to show for it.

Material: A combat leather withstands punishment and temperature fluctuations. Built for long-life and even longer sessions.

Padding: Thick slabs of EVA are compressed one over the other to form a barrage of shock-absorbent padding against the heaviest of blows.

Wear: Curved Thai pad is handcrafted together with panels of Kalix Skin stitched together using durable nylon threads. A Quick-EZ™ Hook-and-Loop closure for the perfect fit and easy wear.



Bring out your inner-champ by showing your true Aura. Made using performance polyester, the material combats wear and tear that normally affects fibers through constant sweating – and if you’re into high-intensity sports, you’ll need clothing that can match your intensity.

Material: 100{317a7769e272dec17b69bda26c6a5a4c5e6799efcd8a85f72cb552b76862c2b9} performance polyester fiber is form-fitting and fits like a glove to your body. Breathable with a hint of elasticity for a dry comfortable training experience.

Size: Form-fitting athletic wear compliments every training activity. It is resistant to losing shape or form.


An Aura shines brightest when it’s moving, improving and evolving. An important component of good gym attire is unhindered, free and comfy movement. Get to doing those crunches, leg presses and stretches or better yet running, yoga or general calisthenics with zero restrictions.

Material: Performance polyester is everything you need for a good training session – durable, light and breathable.

Inner lining: The fabric is lined with anti-microbial material that kills all bacteria and fungi.



They say a golden aura means a heroes’ aura. If your will doesn’t bring out those vibes, then our latest line of athletic wear will. A pair of gym clothes that are form-fitting while wicking away fiber damaging sweat. Train with confidence knowing this pair will retain their original shape no matter how intense your training regime is.

Material: Performance polyester, at the micro-level, binds molecules tightly together to battle shrinkage and wrinkling. With comfort at its core, this pair focuses on breathability for a pleasant training experience.

Size: The shorts and shirts are form-fitting so you can freely move in the gym, the outdoors or even casually lounging.

Inner lining: Anti-microbial treatment makes the material hypoallergenic fighting off pesky bacteria from building up.


A Champ’s Aura says everything about them. If training in the gym, or outdoors is a daily routine of your life, then you need apparel that can match your activities. This shirt is anti-microbial, breathable and form-fitting, making them withstand any kind of training performance.

Material: 100 percent performance polyester makes the shirt resistant to tearing and losing shape. The material is breathable and form-fitting.

Inner lining: It is abrasion-resistant and wicks away sweat to the surface-making it quick dry for repeated use.


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