Manny Pacquiao, who will be facing the undefeated US Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. on 2nd May at the MGM Grand Las Vegas, has said that the UFC star Ronda Rousey can easily beat Mayweather in a Mixed Martial Arts fight.

Rousey, the best women’s Mixed Artist of our time, has been busy making history destroying one opponent after another. The undefeated MMA fighter has been in the spotlight ever since her UFC debut. However, it’s not just her sharp fighting skills that have made heads turn; her outspokenness and Alpha woman attitude has won her many hearts as well.

The undefeated MMA icon recently declared to be the greatest fighter of her time. Rousey even claimed to beat all the men in her category. However, her controversial opinion spread like a wild fire and soon enough she had to come out explaining that she was against men hitting women and that she would never fight against a male competitor.

Rousey’s statements seemed to have riled up the undefeated former boxer Laila Ali, daughter of the legendary Mohammad Ali, and soon enough a war of words ensued between the two. With Rousey claiming she was no longer able to find worthy opponents to defeat, Ali ridiculed Rousey for her small size and vowed to beat her if she ever stepped in the ring with her.

Now, Pacquiao has entered the debate as well and suggested that Rousey can defeat Mayweather. In an interview to ESPN series His & Hers in relation to the promotion of his with Mayweather, the Filipino boxer did not hesitate to state that American boxer would be beaten up by Rousey. Pacquiao also offered Rousey tickets to his fight with Mayweather Jr.

Mayweather and Rousey will definitely not lock horns, but the problem/blessing for Rousey is quite real. Will she find a competitor that matches her potential in the ring?


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